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Mayhem Hero


"Walls Of Sound Never Sounded So Good"


Mayhem Hero started in mid/late summer 2003 in the Athens/Atlanta GA area by a matter of coincidence and many sessions of just listening and talking about great music. Having a rigorous practice schedule, Mayhem Hero wrote and recorded 13 original songs which would eventually become our debut album “School Is Out” Having performed at many venues all over GA, SC, and AL our fanbase has increased tremendously. With fierce tenacity, Mayhem Hero has become one of the hardest working bands around. Mayhem Hero has a devoted following that brings a lot of energy to a venue. Having shared the stage with such acts as Local H (Twice), The Giraffes, Five Eight, and Riddle of Steel, Mayhem Hero has impressed at every given opportunity. 99X Radio accepted our debut release entitled “School Is Out” and our fans have been requesting our first single “Trillion”. " Mayhem Hero shows no signs of stopping, they have already entered pigpen studios to record their second release that is due out in late 06 or early 07. The first single "The Haze"from the new untitled album that is set to be released in late 06 or early 07 has already been featured on 105.3 the Buzz in Atlanta's homegrown buzz show hosted by Aaron Hickman on weeknights at 8:00 p.m.

Internet site ( had this to say about our debut album "School Is Out"

Atlanta's Mayhem Hero bring to mind the straightforward melodic hard rock of bands like Bush and Live but still find ways to keep their music as their own and duck comparison. School Is Out has a very raw exterior with rock god power chords, crystal harmonies and energy that creates a sort of "wall of sound" around the band. They've come, radio ready with certified hooks to appeal to the folks who like their guitars distorted and their rhythm section on top.

R.I.Y.L.: Bush, Burning Brides, Hum


1. School Is Out LP (13 Tracks) (2005)

2.In The Clear
4.The Haze Of Getting By
7.October Sun
8.Scott Lucas
10.Left On Red
11.Cable,Satellite, and Killer Bees
12.Neon Hello
13.Out Of Body

Untitled E.P. Release Late 06/Early 07

1.The Haze
2. So Long Mr. Morita
3. Soul Something
4. EgoManiac
5. TBA

Set List

We have 17 original compositions and we will occasionally throw in a cover song,