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The Mayhem Poet's unique approach to spoken word has landed them on The Today Show and Eyewitness News, after winning a grant from Microsoft in the Idea Wins Best Small Business Challenge in 2006. Since then they've been touring internationally with a show dubbed by the NY TIMES as "An Amazing Ride." They've worked with FIAT, Purina, and HBO with residencies in Canada, Ireland and the Dominican Republic.


"Let's go see a poetry show." That is a sentence rarely proclaimed and usually responded to with cringes and excuses. The Mayhem Poets are on a mission to change that. Having been dubbed "an amazing ride" by the New York Times, this mind boggling performance has been described as "The Simpsons meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G. concert." These theatre trained, comedically gifted, lyrical virtuosos seamlessly blend raw elements of hip hop, theatre, improv and stand up comedy to tell gut wrenching truths that leave audiences forever changed.

The Mayhem Poet's unique approach to spoken word has landed them feature spots on The Today Show and Eyewitness News, after winning 1st place and a sizeable grant in the Microsoft Idea Wins Challenge in 2006. Since then they've been touring internationally collaborating with the likes of hip hop legends such as KRS ONE as well as world class musicians including Greg Patillo (beat box flute) and Josh Henderson (violin). Their latest CD, Reverse Birth was hailed as one of the top spoken word CD's of 2007 by's poetry section. In conjunction withe Bowery Poetry Club, their NYC based educational training operation Slam Chops provided opportunities for aspiring poets of all ages.

The Mayhem mission originated at Rutgers University in 2000, when Kyle Sutton (aka Kyle Rapps) and Scott Raven Tarazevits started an open-mic on campus called Verbal Mayhem. Their idea was to find a way to access people from all walks of life with spoken word. As a result they reached out to prisons, fraternities, churches, and hip hop/poetry fans alike to attract the most diverse poetry open-mic scene in the world. The spirit of Verbal Mayhem convinced the two young performers to craft a show and go on a mission to change peoples lives and reshape society's view of poetry.

Always up to date with contemporary world issues, This one of a kind tour de force stays fresh no matter what the venue. From theatre festivals to hip hop or rock concerts, community events to youth education series, Mayhem is the future.



Written By: Scottt Raven and Kyle Rapps

See, we are living in the mask era...
Where mascara is the face's foundation for fakin'
and image is everything sacred so when it's rainin,'
take cover girl cuz maybe it's Maybeline sayin’ you weren't born with it
since it needs to be brushed
till you're wakin’ up every day with a pillow full of make up
You slept on all night taking hours after showers rocking Revlon so tight
you're like

mirror mirror on the wall who's the prettiest of the
in the food court
on the escalator
standing outside the arcade wearing a Gucci sweater
taking slow drags thinking she's all that
with a coach bag...

Where people
their sense of style at
with shirts from
that barely fit and show much midriff making sure their wardrobe is not
Limited too
Old Navy
so reputations don't fall in the
and every March April
a fresh spring collection and every one knows Victoria's Secret
about her Calvin Klein obsession

spendin' your last
Pennies to
Usher in
every lustful

Where your best friends name is
Jennifer Avril Aguilera Tiffany Amber Thiessen Beyonce Penelope
Shakira Stefani Spears
and everyone else this season who appears on TRL American Idol MTV BET
and park...

Imagine you, R. Kelly…
Some people bake a tanning salons seeking dark skin
while others sprawl half naked and burn on beaches where the sharks swim
never finding answers only cancers in silicon enhancers
ego's crushed beneath these
high heel beauty standards...

Where life is like a
box of
runway model
wanna be Miss Ameri-
eat nothing but pretend their not hungry
swallow diet pills to appetite assassinate
but riots still swell inside you
the pot
calling the kettle
fat until there's self-esteem
whistling out the top
cuz all you eat is hot air
it's not fair that our perception of a great body is one that's basically not there...

Martin Luther Queen

Written By: Scottt Raven and Kyle Rapps

Audio Version Available at:

Food Fight

Written By: Mason Granger

(Now a Fully Illustrated Book)

By all accounts, Sausage launched the first attack
from a catapult strapped to Tony the Tiger's back
Floppy meat missiles began to fill the sky
and flaccid rain hit the Quaker Oats guy right in the eyeball
Barely past nightfall and it's all out war
My kitchen is the scene of Operation: Breakfast Storm

The unhealthy breakfast foods, led by Captain Crunch,
Decided to monopolize the meal before lunch
and eliminate all healthy breakfast options
Replace them with sugary pastries and fattening concoctions
But the captain's plan was discovered by the English Muffin Man
Who responded, "Cheerio," gathering other healthy cereals
And they came to bring the pain, hard core multi-grain
Led by General Mills Lane

Along with the sausage assault came croissants
Fixin' to stomp these healthy idiot savants
But what they found wasn't Rain Man, but Raisin Bran
Two scoops of doom and a bowl of Kix
Screaming, "Kid tested, mother approved, Bitch!"
Kids are exposed to rabbits turning Trix
They need breakfast with balance, not Cookie Crisp
So the bananas launched a counter attack against the Honey Smacks
And Sunnyside Farms disarmed the Lucky Charms

But the Captain wasn't taking this shellacking lying down
He's packin' a magnum breakfast sandwich and hash browns
with a dozen rounds of donut holes from the Quickie Stop Mart
Starts blasting off, "Pop! Pop! Pop!"- tarts
Like target practice on soup cans
Not pop art, but this means War-hol
The fight starts to turn in favor of the artificial colors and flavors
Yellow number five and Red dye 40 invaders
But only blacks and blues in the healthy food's rainbow
When General Mills Lane gets Special K-O-ed

Diabetes, obesity epidemic grows closer
First generation with a life expectancy less than those older
-mini donuts to a pack
Check the new Fox special: When Hearts Attack
Now it's on
Canadian bacon breaks out the "Eh"-bomb
Unhealthy foods have gone and split the neutron
Slim Jim whips dipped in Grey Poupon
Force the healthy foods to perform hard labor
Then tomorrow's fate: the Mustard Gastric Chamber

But before the "10" count comes a shout from beyond...
From his house in the hills he could see what's going on
Pulp non-Fiction, gloves on so you knows he's serious
The only healthy item with prior killing experience
No guns, no explosives- he rolls the old way
With just a knife….. a tall glass of OJ

The knight in shining armor riding a white bronco
The Juice will wet you, even thru your Gallagher poncho
But the Captain thought not so he tried the fresh squeezer
Came at him with a straw attached to a vacuum cleaner
and some Arm & Hammer to neutralize the citric acid
But OJ's fortified with Vitamin Caesar salad
Orange Julius of the Ancient Romaine empire frees
that Panda bear who eats, shoots, and leaves
And together they lay the leather and spray the beretta
Two against the world, just like V for Vendetta
Cut like the sharpest cheddar thru the opposing army
Panda knocks 'em down, OJ stomps 'em with the Bruno Malis

Upon seeing their teamwork, the team's courage goes up
The fruits start knocking the glaze off the donuts
Skim milk starts kicking some dairy-airee
General Mills Lane hits the Captain in the crunch berries
Unhealthy greased meats and sweet treats retreat
Croissantwiches and sausages meet defeat
Captain Crunch captured, guilty on all charges
He's handcuffed and locked away behind granola bars

The lesson?
Choose smart from the food mart
Flip that pie a la mode to fruit a la carte
Cuz when my health is the hot topic
I'm not afraid to say I stay with a banana in my pocket

So inverted food pyramids got your tummy hurting?
Pants split from 7-10 sugar servings?
Busting thru your Levi's seams and pleats?
If it doesn't fit, you must quit eating grease and sweets

Shackled Soles

Written By: Scottt Raven and Kyle Rapps

K: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
S: actually it was more like a pair of beat up blue and gold slippers
K: anyway she stayed 2 feet away from
S: Doc Martins
K: hospital where
S: Doctor Scholl's
K: healed toes quicker than those Olympic swimmers who where livin’ in
S: flippers with a school of scubadiving skippers
K: next to a pair of ruby ballet slippers
S: with dance hall Dorothy heel clicking and complaining about raging blisters to the
K: who was really a real estate swindler conning the Tin-man into a rusty steel tipper
S: while Cinderella was so swollen she couldn't fit hers
K: after being stepped on by her sister
S: so the prince dissed her
K: then jumped across Joan's River
S: and moved into a high heel pump with runway models Claudia Schiffer
K: Tyra Banks
S: Heidi Klum and
B Ben Stiller
S on top of the window sill where
Regis won his own show and bought a pair of million dollar sneakers with Kelly Ripa and Kathy Lee Gifford
K: 5 steps from Steve Madden Square Garden where the New York Kicks
took on the LA Toe-Nail Clippers
S: and hockey was still on strike
K: so the Rangers passed out flyers about the fight
S: apparently Reebok and Nike were going toe to toe
K but before the big night Harrison Ford stole the dough
S: and hopped a flight aboard an air force one where Nelly and Bush
were going flow for flow
K: Like me and Nelly gonna' destroy'all in my air force ones
S We're going to war for oil in my air force ones
B: Like Wo
K: then suddenly the sky opened with a
B: bright glow
K: and every shoe in
B: sight froze
K: and organized in
B: tight rows
S: on shelves as the prison guard yelled into the microphone
K: “Good morning folks,”
S: he told them as the sole stealers rolled in
K: the time was 10am and Foot Locker
S: was now
B: open...


1. Rent ft KRS ONE, 2008 (single) The single reached #2 in the college radio charts. The video has featured on MTVU and BET as well as Rolling Stone website:
Kyle Rapps AKA Black Skeptik, 2008

2. Reverse Birth, 2007
A 14 track Audio Picasso in his prime.
Selected as One of the Best Poetry CDs of 2007
Now available on ITUNES and

3. Games. featuring Jean Grae and soon to be released WII and Game Show.

Set List

60-90 minute show of all original Spoken Word Poetry.
including Group and Solo poems. (Poems also written upon request)

Custom made show based on your school's event including orientations, graduation ceremonies and festivals. We can open up for big acts, host larger events and work in conjunction with other campus groups to put on the best show possible.