Arnprior, Ontario, CAN

May-Jun is Acoustic Pop with an edge, she experiments with Inuit traditional throat singing, slap dancing, and silly cover songs during live performances.


May-Jun: a unique take on acoustic pop
May-Jun is from Ottawa Ontario. Her recent successes include touring Vancouver during the Olympics, giving song writing and music video work shops for indigenous youth, traveling to the Arctic to work with music and dance for the Cadets performance to the Major General and creating a super 8 film and song for IFCO viewed at Lady Fest 2009.


Pure Beauty

Written By: May-Jun

Pure Beauty
Lightning bolts fold in two, lost things reach out for something new, creatures come out from the underground, deep thoughts, dark nights instant knowing this is just right
Sparks flicker; blunt objects make no sound, passing by an underpass, water echoes as it
Drops silence has yet to come, and
Bring me Pure Beauty
Where do we connect, where do is start, where does it end, we pass by so many people
We all just try to blend, my feet sink, my bodies sinking the earth shakes but I’m not afraid of earthquakes, I am taken in to the Underground, bring me pure beauty.


Written By: May-Jun

Sun set begins there is this rawness in my bones
Its seeping it’s like this feeling of emptiness
Night falls deeper why am I not sleeping?
Huge trees tower over you so big they would
Make you feel so small
Then you would realize that you were only
A small part of the whole instead of
The whole with no part
Night falls deeper why am I not sleeping


Self titled 5 song EP release July 23rd 2008

Set List

8-14 songs. Set is 20 minutes to 45 minutes.
Covers: Strike Anywhere~ Chalk Line, Ace of Base~ The Sign,