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We are diverse group with songs that provide a look into our lives heart and souls. Hip Hop has a variety of styles. Dead & Element have a laid back style along with some dance tracks also. Youlanda Burnett is smooth R&B & pop.


ELEMENT-He started out at the age of fourteen as a member of the group CBC performing and recording with his brothers on the “Pay your Dues” tour. He later went on to do his own cd titled “Element 4 Prezident” in 2005, which he described as thought provoking with songs that will also get your energy up. His has energy on stage that can’t be matched and loves working a crowd. His second cd “Music is My Savior” is complete. The first single “Gun Play” is in rotation on several college radio stations and the second single I’m Sorry Ma” has also meet with great reviews also. This cd is full of a lot of life experiences, heart aches, trials and tribulations. He talks about the strained relationship he has with his father, the challenges’ him and his friends face and his never ending spirit to never give up on his dreams. His next cd “The Evolution of “E “will be released in 2009. His current cd can be purchased on I-tunes and all other digital stores.

HALF/DEAD- Living Through Music- Don’t get the wrong impression. Just because he goes by the name Half/Dead doesn’t mean he can’t breathe life into you with his music. His name is a representation of his life in more ways in one – take it as you will. He’s put in a decade of work as a rapper and nearly a half decade into producing. Through the years he’s come into his own on a rocky road of struggles and group break-ups, to finally find the chance to make it in the highly competitive music industry. He’s appeared on albums with groups such as the A-Team, but was looking for more ambition than he was shown by his former counterparts.
Eventually, he would start performing & recording with his brothers as a part of CBC and Maylay. He recorded Dead Serious and Welcome to the Dead World at Yell Boy Productions. He is currently recording his new CD “Dead Serious 2” which is due out this fall. The first single “I’m Good” has hit the airways and promises to be another hit.

Youlanda Burnett is a singer songwriter and actress she is the softer side. With smooth R&B sounds along with some, pop tunes also. Her second CD "Such As Me" is due out this spring.


Come Home to Me

Written By: Element & Youlanda Burnett

My soul cries every time another soul dies are they destine for hell or to live in the skies

I pray for my guys that rome the streeet that they mama didn't call crying He didn't come home to me

Everyday with a clock tick tock a body drops


We currently have songs playing on college, internet, & overseas radio. With some podcasts also broadcasting. All music is available on I-tunes and all it's digital stores, also on Boost Independent Music. To listen to more of our music go to

Set List

We do no covers, all orginal songs. Our sets are typically 15-30 minutes long our songs include: Make It Rain-Guplay-I'm Harder -We Can Do The Do-Knock Knock- Not Just Another Rapper- I'm Sorry Ma'- Come Home To Me.- That Gutta Boy Music --Shhhhhhhh- Fadding-Hold Me Tight --and many more. Our songs are performed profanity free