Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Maylin can be raw, sensitive, light, fun or dreamy. She takes us on a colorful journey where American folk, French chansons and South American beats intertwine. Her world is original and personal, swaying from light to shade, with fairytale imagery and humour.


When this world traveller settles somewhere, she finds herself singing about her souvenirs, telling about love or sharing dreams of taking off again.

Maylin is one of those artists who have lived many lives. After being a model in Milan, she is a stage and movie actress in Paris and New York, then a singer in L.A music clubs, and even a writer of children’s books in Poitou.

However, Maylin is most of all the story of a woman who is passionate and determined to give it all for her love of words, stories and music.
Between a stormy love affair with Argentinean guitar riffs, a tender love for Brasilian vocal harmonies and a delicate flirt with Peruvian percussions, Maylin’s music is a sensitive melting pot of all the influences that she has come across.
Accompanied by Peruvian musicians, Maylin, (who is of French and Malagasy descent) sings her story with a dark, sensual stunning and warm voice, just like her bohemian folk style wrapped up in South American rhythms.


L.P:On my way to see you

Set List

1/ There’s always

2/ Between you and me

3/ Be a man:

4/ I was told

5/ Buenos Aires

6/ Blue Lullaby

7/ Pres de ta solitude

8/ Tout autour de moi

9/ Gypsy

10/For no true reason

11/ Paris est Pale

12/ Through the years

13/ Brain traffic

14/ Dreaming Goldfish

15/ How?