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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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2009 Cybele * Burn LP
2010 Grand Horror Spectacle Songs DEMO



A chilling sound. A picture of the great unknown. Maynon, the Los Angeles based New Wave/ Alternative Rock band, and it's new demo "Grand Horror Spectacle Songs" Is a portal to a midnight world. Produced by Bobby Irish (lead Guitar), Marc Maynon on Vocals and Farook Khan on Drums.

Describe the Music of Maynon. Befriending the dark. The occult as a dark ideal. The pulse of all the songs, which reside in their synth elements depict night time. From chasing your cat through creek beds to crawling on the floor naked in a Lycanthropic fit, Maynon's music is an account of tremendous physical exertion combined with mud and cuts.

The following quotes can paint a better picture of a band spawned from the fertile soil of UCLA

"...We started music 'cause sex was on our minds and sex was on our minds because we were at UCLA. It's always been suave and we wouldn't have had it any other way...."

Meeting at UCLA the band shared countless evenings getting lost at Temescal canyon, dawning masks and crawling down manholes into unforeseen filth and many other things.

"...we were trying to swim in the most unsanitary places on a daily basis. Naturally most of the girls weren't paying me much attention... that dirt I'd always seemed to want I found in rock music..."

Mutually the band began to bond. One would follow the other in his desire for public intoxication and indecent exposure, then the other would follow the other in his need to build hard leather armor, and the other would follow the other in occult ceremonies.

"I stabbed the copper blade into the tree stump, ran around it yelling the Russian incantation and finally jumped over it nearly slipping on the wet grass and cracking my head open. Nothing ever happened..."

Halloweens consisted of communicating through grunts an barks in wolf paint and scaring couples by the parking structures.

"... stuff had been building up for a while... I put on huge fucking dentures that made me drool uncontrollably and it forced me to walk behind the trees... No, this wasn't during Halloween.. "

With one of the first songs in their repertoire entitled "I'm just Gonna Die" it's no wonder the band was running around campus on all fours and glorifying the underground.
While music is an inspiration for this band, equally inspiring are the things they've seen and done. Posters, weird shirts, even dogs in campus movie screenings gave birth to songs. Pieces of ripped magazines inspired titles. Broken album covers created their image. Their music is a visual art.

"... My brother's CD collection... Staying up late into the night, hard as a rock and staring at the cover of Tender Prey. I wanted to be like him: dark, mysterious, and reeking of Marlboro Reds. I didn't give a fuck how his music would sound, I knew I'd like it..."

And it's music they wish to share with you though music is only a small part of the kingdom they're bringing to the Earth.
Now in LA, Maynon will be delivering it's first LP in the year 2011. Also available will be the live demo release album. An exotic Journey that starts at dusk and doesn't stop until the sun comes up. There's plenty of black humor too.