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Mayor Brian Lee

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | INDIE

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"One Man Aims to Unite a City One Ear at a Time"

The city of Washington D.C. has waited for an artist to open doors for the city's lucrative underground music scene. That artist may very well be a 23 year old hip-hop recording artist and producer with a plan to unite and help to create a better image for the city, but how does he plan to do this where others have failed? Read on and find out what he says. The Inauguration will be released January 1st, 2011. For information on this artist please visit:, or email or

District of Columbia local rapper, "Mayor" Brian Lee sits down very carefully on very comfortable looking computer chair with a grin as excited and eager as it is painful to wear on his face. The recipient of 16 screws and wires to bound his jaw shut seems as upbeat and energetic in person as he is angry and inquisitive in many records and as thoughtful and funny as he pokes jokes at his entourage about having to smile for a month due to the jaw bracing.

His intentions are genuine and simple; he wants to serve as a liaison between three distinctly different but equally focused types of underground hip hop in the area: The raw and rough gangster and street music lovers, the youthful crowd into fashion and dance trends and also the older generations of fans who still love lyricism and creativity while also speaking to different generations of music lovers beyond the borders of the Potomac River, and the Eastern, Western and Southern Avenues. How can he accomplish this? "I'm going to be me. I am all those crowds in one man so as such I wanna speak to ALL my people about what's real and also give them a way to enjoy themselves with a touch of home during these hard times and help to usher in better times for this city. It's not about me being a G moving [kilos of cocaine] or being a pretty boy and singing through an autotune." says Lee with his teeth barely shifting though each articulation of word. His city accent is barely noticeable though the young man was born in D.C. General Hospital and raised in impoverished areas in the southeast quadrant of the city as well as Montana Terrace a former housing project in the Northeast quadrant during the 90s before moving to the Benning Heights area in his teens, " I have good looking clothes; sometimes preppy looking clothing but I will jone on you and tell you some real stuff that's going on the streets while I'm looking preppy and politic with you about serious issues in our community and world in a pair of Nike Boots and a diamond watch when I'm not"

Known formerly as Tha 1ne, Lee landed himself in with the Diamond District Cartel (not to be confused with Diamond District, a current D.C. group), a label affiliated with local street gang 501 Boyz which claimed to have distribution through Records but also was distributing in other areas. After the incarcerations of top members, the label itself slowed down and is now seemingly defunct, an experience that motivated Lee to found and lead his own imprint P.L.U.T.O Urban Entertainment and eventually land with Day 1 Productions and secure physical distribution as well as join the ranks of Island Def Jam Music Group's Digital Distribution group. In 2009 he released his iTunes debut, New Kid featuring another known D.C. rapper, Tabi Bonney.

His experiences from meeting and performing with major artists including Ryan Leslie, Disturbing the Peace Records, Trey Songz & D.C.'s Don Juan as well as local favorites Critical Condition Band, Whitefolkz and other figures such as major A&R's and music promoters has prepared him for the high stakes game of politics and chance that is the music industry and his experiences in the streets of the unseen side our Nation's Capital as well as the more aesthetically pleasing walks of his school, The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has shaped Lee into a future hit maker none deprived of potential and the will to turn that potential into dollar signs for investors and open doors for supporters and enthusiasts.

That potential has spawned two street albums with a studio album debut coming January, simply titled, "The Inauguration". The street albums "Thrillionaire" and "The Bulletproof Boomboxx" represent Lee's dynamics with "Thrillionaire" being an upbeat street inspired release alongside "The Bulletproof Boomboxxx" released three weeks prior for free download on Bandcamp, a grittier more thought provoking look at Lee's life and also struggles with drug abuse and depression. A third release is planned for release a week prior to the release of, "The Inauguration" which releases on the first day of the year January 1st, 2011 and Lee plans to release material every three weeks into the spring of 2011. His releases as well as a low budget video shot for one of the album's singles, "Kamikaze," are currently creating a buzz on the Internet and on the streets of the city as well as the release of "Clap" a go-go/hip hop fusion featuring the T.O.B go go band from Washington D.C. and Nollo Dice, a member of Lee's hip hop group the Council.

When asked about the efforts of major artists such as Wale, Lee smiled and said, "I respect what Wale is trying to do and support that 100% but we as a city cannot put everything on his back and expect him to carry us. We gotta jump down and help him carry that load because he's not just Wale, he's our brother in this DMV thing. The same goes for Tabi, Don Juan and whoever is out there doing big things from the metropolitan area. At the same time, make no mistake we are all competition and every time I make a record I'm aiming for my stuff to be better than everybody else's stuff friend or foe"

The city may very well have a new star on it's hands. For more information about Mayor Brian Lee, P.L.U.T.OWorld Music Group, or Day 1 Productions please e-mail: or

or visit:


The Bulletproof Boomboxxx (Nov 2010)- Free Download
Twisted (Mar 2010)- iTunes (Free download)
New Kid (Aug 2009)- iTunes

Coming Soon:
The Inauguration
No Kufis in the Rib Shack (as a member of group Lyricists on Drugs)



Born Brian Bobby Lee in Washington, D.C., "Mayor" Brian Lee (better known as his former stage name, Tha 1ne) is a known MC,
self taught producer & engineer, director and executive. He earned his first record deal through the now defunct D.C. label, Diamond
District Cartel with the backing of Sony/ Columbia Records the age of 19 but was dropped along with the label following the
incarceration of several executive members of the label in 2006. Shortly afterward, Lee returned to running his own fledgling label,
PLUTO Urban Entertainment (now known as PLUTOWorld Music Group) and soon returned to Lil Alias Records, the label he
started with which soon became apart of New Industry Records. At age 22 as a result of promotion and networking, Lee secured
physical distribution as well as digital distribution through Island Def Jam Music Group. Mayor Brian Lee is a member of group, the
Council; an affiliated member of the Spartans; one half of L.O.D (with B-Gudda) and the president of New Industry Records South
as well as an executive within Spartan Muzik and the founder of PLUTOWorld Music Group. He is best known for his animated
personality, his signature lyrical style which makes heavy use of tongue twisting alliterations which vary from normal speed and triple
timed flowing, his very bassy and unique style of beatmaking, his topic choices which range from traditional lyricism to party songs,
to hardcore (and often graphic) rap to his signature raunchy songs. Lee has: performed in shows with artists, Tabi Bonney, Ryan
Leslie, Trey Songz, Shareefa, Whitefolkz, D.C. Don Juan; done a track with Wale, Young Chris (of Young Gunz) Tabi Bonney &
Bun-B and has produced for countless artists major and independent. Mayor Brian Lee's full length debut, The Bulletproof
Boomboxxx is currently available for free and his follow up, retail debut, The Inauguration is expected to release around the NewYear 2011