MaYor MYx

MaYor MYx


..A journey through the hallucinating atmosphere of magical sounds of music, brilliant video- and live-images, mystical dance and breathtaking vocals. A dynamic interaction between guitarist, voice and dancers. Completed with a beautiful game of colour and light….


A few years ago, guitarit/ composer Mario van Schijndel got a challenging assignment: “
Compose the music for an existing dance, made by 3th year students of the dancingschool in Tilburg in the Netherlands.
Composing became choreography, choreography became composing.
A wonderful cross-pollination, but it was the world upside down.
He picked up the glove and it became a great succes.
The taste of composing, the smell of the theater, sensual-exciting challenge of dancing and the not desisting desire to perform his own arrangements, kept him in an iron grip.
There must be done something with this!
Keep on searching to a totally new way of musical thinking!
Together with his friend and partner, designer Dolly Krabbendam, he considered a totally new theater-concept: “Emotions “.
A fantastic and fantasy-filled experience of music, image, light, voice and dance in a completely new manner of musical thought, combined in a total-theater program.
Music was composed, arranged and recorded. Promotionfilms and videoclip were produced, musicians and dancers arranged. As well storyboards were prepared, website and cd-covers were designed, texts were written and a new “baby” was born : “Mayor Myx”.


5th Set Up is the first album of "Mayor MYx"