May Pole

May Pole


"Entropic Rock Ether Pop" Debut LP " Mysterium Tremendum" available on Itunes!!!


Welcome to an earth of music, one that remembers nature and keeps its face aimed at the sun. Surreal sound amidst the trees: romantic guitars, airy keys, melodic bass, and upbeat rock rhythms exist as the animals of May Pole. These San Diego natives migrated north to San Francisco summer of 2003. After signing with independent record label 880 Records, they began recording last January; and now, May Pole comes to us with their debut "Mysterium Tremendum" emitting a vast array of emotion expressed through passionate vocal melodies amalgamated with ethereal and unconventional guitar passages. May Pole is comprised of 3 brothers, Indela Mass (vocals, guitars, piano), Xanias Missing Sound (guitar),Krimit the Kit(tubs, percussion), and friend, Jake Richmond(bass).

May Pole has enjoyed Airplay on non other than the bay area's own Alice 97.3fm, and Hooman radio
for the last 38 weeks.

BIG NEWS!!! May pole is currently working on a new record in the studio. Will be a summer release titled " Calafia" ..... keep an ear out for some singles coming soon.....

Album Review ***** (CD BABY ) president
"Like the perfect meeting point between Tears for Fears and Coldplay, May Pole melds together a gorgeously compatible mix of 80's nostalgia and modern dream-pop-scapes. Throwing itself fully into an atmospheric pillowed world of three-dimensional guitars and airy keys, raw emotion and uninhibited expression, their songs are meaty and full-bodied while sustaining incredible direction and clarity. "Mysterium Tremendum" holds nothing back and commits twelve tracks of concentrated pop songs you will never forget. Don't miss this one." - CD Baby

**March 22nd "Broadway Studios" show presented by Alice radio was a sell out, bringing 500 out for our Official CD release.

May Pole has performed at venues such as
San Francisco:
The Independent, Bottom of the Hill,The Mezzanine, Broadway Studios, Studio Z, Red devil Lounge,
Los Angeles/San Diego:
Whiskey a-go-go,The Roxy, Club 56, Coconut Tease, the Santa Monica Pier, LAVA Lounge, Belly up Tavern, Brick by Brick, Canes Bar and Grill, Dreamstreet...etc...

MANAGEMENT : Robert Hayes:408-871-8829 (Sound managment inc)
LEGAL : Elliot Cahn : 510-708-0988 LABEL/STUDIO : 510-533-0880


2001 - " With Love or Squalor" (independent)
2006 - " Mysterium Tremendum" 880 records
2008 - Currently Recording " Calafia"

Set List

Mysterium Tremendum 4:20
luminous sol 3:30
the sound it makes whem your down 3.34
Tiamat 3:10
Meadow view 4:00
Pictures 4:15
When the mind is unkind 3:45
Collermime 4:30
and who indeed 5:30

We can crossfade a loud High energy set , with a little more relaxed atmospheric set as well.