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EP - Wake Up Now [2006]

1. Another Lost Cause
2. Stripped-Down Love Story [radio airplay on 94.9 local hour]
3. Smile Like the Imaginary Boy Isn't There [radio airplay in Mexico, and in Northern California]
4. Together but Separate
5. Who Are You?
6. Pretend to Breath

And Everything is Grey [radio airplay on 94.9 local hour, and in Santa Cruz]

Debut Full Length Album is being recorded currently!



A story:
May was unjustly taken away from her loving mother at the age of 7 and then again at 11 and placed into horrible foster homes which took away many of her basic rights. One place she lived in required that she and the other children respond with the exact word "okay" to anything the foster parents said, or they would face punishment. The children were required to ask to go to their rooms, ask to eat, ask to go to the bathroom, and were hardly ever allowed to go outside. May lived in over 7 of these places and moved 40 times in her life, attending 20 schools in the process. It was these and other experiences that greatly altered her outlook on life and inspired her to start writing poetry and song lyrics. She began making draft recordings of her songs in 2002 with different guitarists, one who suggested their band be called "MayStar."

In 2005, May ran into an old friend Abe Deleon, and they decided that he would be her permanent guitarist.
Abe was distressed over the loss of the love of his life, and so the two found an instant connection musically.


We're an "indie" band, but unlike most indie bands who play shows in plain-clothes, we come with a complete DIY "show." We have our own lights, a slide projector, a scrim, costumes, a mini-stage to create different levels and so on.

Our music has been called "truly unique" by anyone who has tried to categorize it. We are influenced by The Cure and modern shoegaze. We have a melancholy sound that's somehow still catchy.