Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes, FRA

MAZAL is a subtle mixture of ancient Sephardic song and new electronic music.
Just as the Iberian Jewish culture has soaked up different influences since the Middle Ages, MAZAL continues to incorporate the latest technologies while keeping hold of the traditional chants that have survived through centuries of exile all the while enriching themselves through contact with different Mediterranean cultures. With its rich rhythms and complex samples, MAZAL offers us a way to bridge cultures, bypass



MAZAL started as an acoustic ensemble with the guitarist Noj PROSPER in 2003.
The meeting with Thomas BAUDRILLER in 2004 gave a new color to MAZAL.

The fusion of ancient songs with the electronic sounds created by Thomas gave MAZAL a
sought-after timeless dimension. This collaboration began as a private endeavor, and in 2009
became more concrete with the creation of a self-produced album - "Axerico en Selanik"
- and live performances, with the aim of offering the public music which was energetic and
danceable .

25 concerts since June, 2009

Emmanuelle Rouvray, singer, has a long-standing passion for traditional music. She
discovered Sephardic Jewish music during repeated trips to Spain. Her quest has led her to
travel to other places in the Diaspora: Morocco, Cuba...

Thomas Baudriller, composer and multi-instrumentalist, has been playing electronica for ten
years, notably with the group Gong Gong, which has performed many concerts in France and


*Yves Thibord featured MAZAL on the chez Lenoir show, France Inter, 26 February 2010.
*Several tracks were played on Radio Sefarad (Spain) with Jorge Rozemblum and on
Mundofonias de Madrid. ( link at
*In Belgium (
* In Israel, Itzik Yosha presented a show about MAZAL during the summer of 2010 on
*In Switzerland, on Couleur 3 (program "La planète bleue "- Yves Blanc), 26 September
* "Sous les étoiles exactement" - France Inter, 16 November 2010.

Instrumentation :
Emmanuelle ROUVRAY : Vocals, percussion
Thomas BAUDRILLER : Laptotp, double-bass.



This innovative music genre has attracted the attention of John Zorn.
MAZAL will release its first album "Axerico en Selanik" on the Tzadik label.
Release scheduled on 19, April, 2011.

Set List

Dos Amantes
El Padre
El Rey
Oy Kalelumbror
Dame la mano
Por Qué Lloraj?
Yo te Amo
La Hermana
A la Una