Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Mazon is a cross between J Cole and Young Lupe Fiasco, if they grew up in Harrisburg, PA in the 90's.


“It’s no longer a question of if I’m going to make it, but when.”
For 23-year old emcee/producer/songwriter Mazon, every studio session, song written and show performed is one closer to making his music not only a hometown name but a household favorite.

Ranking among some of the hardest working unsigned artist in the game right now, with spot dates on the Van Warped Tour ’11 and recently as a guest on Shade 45 (Sirius-XM Radio) Sway in The Morning “Put Him In The Game.” It’s apparent that the Harrisburg native, exudes a confidence that’s audible in his music and visible in stage presence. As a storyteller, reverencing hip-hop, Mazon uses his music to inspire others or move them to change.

Mazon’s music mirrors a hustle and hunger for better. A better hip-hop, a better community for his people and a better life for himself. Since picking up a pen and pad in 2001, Mazon’s body of work epitomizes his life and the life of anyone who was never handed anything and had to work twice as hard to claim the title of success.

All of Mazon's previous projects can be downloaded at


True Spawn Volume 1, 2006
True Spawn Volume 2, 2007
Team Dope, 2008
Sling Lord Part 1, 2009
The Reminder, 2010
Maintaining, 2012