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Good Luck With That

Written By: Chris Mullins

‘Scuse me if I offer a word
For what it avails
You’d think that I might well be deterred
By previous fails

Hey everyone gets their say
Shouted over those in their way
That’s why I keep my words for myself

Good luck
With trying to hear yourself think
Above the roar and constant clamor
Should you even choose to stammer?
Good luck…with that

Anytime I look for some space
Hoping, perhaps
In the active lives everywhere, there’ll be a lapse
No – the task is just way too huge
I have to make my refuge
So I keep these two words for myself

Good luck
With keeping your own home secure
It’s always open to intrusion
Privacy is your illusion
Good luck – with that

And luck’s not all you’ll need
You’d better tempt your fate
Don’t leave it till too late
That’s where you can go wrong, so very wrong…

Not Going Back There

Written By: Chris Mullins

A simple mistake
So easy to commit
So hard to unmake
And no one forgets

Everyone stared
As cold as machines
They said that they cared but
Who knows what that means?

I’m not going back there
I swear that it’s true
I’m not going back there
Not without you
No, not without…

You know their ways
A smile shows their teeth
Their eyes tell the story
It’s grim what’s beneath

I’m not going back there
I wouldn’t know how
I’m not going back there
I’m someone else now
I’m someone else

Now stay by me
We can take this to a new place
Just stay by me
You’ll see
There’s nothing we cannot face
Together we’re free