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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Mixtape Pick of the Week"

Like Sunshine Anderson you have no doubt heard it all before from MCs proclaiming themselves to be the next name to watch. However, East Flatbush, Brooklyn resident MBF may just have the skills to live up to the claim. From his clever twist of Jay-Z well known tune on Change Flowz to Make Moves (Rough Version), the head-nodding I Choose U An Ode To
Hip-Hop and Angels, MBF brings his strong wordplay to the table across this mix LP and is sure to turn some heads as he steps up his Hip-Hop hustle. Coupled with the right business push MBF could genuinely move to the next level in the game.


Grind Mode Magazine (www.grindmodemag.com) Managing Editor

- DJ Slim (Grind Mode Magazine)


Upstart 2: Carry On Tradition mix LP (2005)
Uzewhutchugot (Nickel Bags Vol. 2: Inasirkl 2005)
Show Me Some Love (2005)
No Game (2003 WGNU)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn,
New York, MBF hopes to continue the trend of great
emcees who have emerged from the borough that's thorough.

Inspired by such greats as Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, and A Tribe Called Quest to name a few, MBF keeps the focus on lyricism. "I love to play with words", says MBF, which is short for Mind Blowing Finatic. "I'm a fan of
artists that make me stay on the rewind button.
So in that vein, listen closely and you will
always catch a jewel in my songs".

MBF asks listeners to "keep your eyes open",
a slogan he utilizes to let fans, MCs, casual
listeners, and executives know to be aware of
his brand of hip hop: a mix of lyricism, social
awareness, sexual humor, and Caribbean style.
MBF began penning his own lyrics in 1987, however
rap remained a hobby until 1991 when he passed on an opportunity to showcase his skills for MC Lyte. Motivated by the missed opportunity, MBF began his quest to perfect his talent.

MBF lacked a steady production influence until
1998 when he met his current producer Darrel Big
P.O.P.E.Legette. In P.O.P.E., MBF had a producer
who was just as eager to become successful in the
entertainment industry. Though he shows loyalty to his boy, MBF is open to rock with anyone with good music. In 2003, MBF released the Upstart Mixtape: 2K3 Sh*t, at showcases and through mailings, to great response. Armed with a
Bachelors Degree in English and pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing, he is an excellent writer with plans to write screenplays for major motion pictures and publish his own magazine.

MBF has traveled to different cities on "spur
of the moment tours" promoting his music. His
high energy show has graced stages in New York
(Nuyorican Poets Cafe Don Hills, Cheetah Club)
Atlanta (On Stage Revue Live), Baltimore
(Jay Jackson New Artist showcases), Washington DC (2001 Black Family Reunion) , St. Louis, and in
Richmond, VA where he opened up for legendary
acts E.U. and Doug E. Fresh. MBF has popped up
on numerous underground mix tapes from DJs in
New York (Street Radio Vol. 8, 91.9 FM Promo
Radio's Best of the Unsigned Vol.1), Baltimore
(DJ Nyce N' Nasty Street Radio Vol. 12), Cincinnati
(Off the Hook Promotions), and Canada (DJ Flash's
Fall Classic & One Mic series) among other cities.

He recently opened up Funk Master Flex and DJ Tat Wza's Unsigned Talent Vol.1 CD with a hot free rhyme showcasing his witty wordplay ("got crabs in your Goodies do the 1,2 step/"). MBF has received overseas love in Amsterdam and Denmark. He is listed in the Connex List's Infamous Yellow Pages with a thumbs up. His namehas popped up in the summer and fall '05 issues of Vibe
magazine, and in Street's Mos' magazine (shoutout to Godiva). Thanks to "Mann" Johnson of 1 Famlee
Entertainment, WKYS 93.9 FM personality P-Stew recorded a promo for MBF's mix CD while playing an MBF record on his radio show. MBF's music has been played on 91.9 FM in New York and numerous college radio stations. Television appearances on BET's 106 and Park have given the public visuals of the face behind the music.

MBF is currently promoting his Upstart 2: Carry On
Tradition mix LP while gearing up to hit the showcase circuit on a mission to gain some well deserved recognition. MBF is determined to succeed in at least one area of entertainment.