Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip HopEDM

MB's music is about having a good time and getting what you want out of life. Themes vary from partying, to dealing with adversity, to love ballads and break up songs. No matter if you were raised in the suburbs or the inner city, listen to hip hop or rock, you can relate to MB's music.


What sets MB apart from other artists is his diversity. Having not only been influenced by hip-hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Outkast, Pharcyde and Lil Wayne, but as well by rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and The Arcade Fire, MB's music appeals to a much broader audience than merely those focused on one genre. Having dealt with hardship throughout his life, MB brings an aura of good vibes to the stage that gets everybody moving and having a great time. Since his first show in September MB has been wowing audiences that had never heard of him prior, and increasing in popularity at an alarming rate. His music relates the message of living in the now and enjoying every moment for what it is, whether it be a time of struggle or good times with your friends. MB, also known as The Big Bang Kid, lives and dies for preforming and it shows through the intimate relationship he builds with each crowd he preforms to.


Swagtarded: The Mixtape
Over 100 songs not on reverbnation or Swagtarded

Set List

Over 150 songs to choose from, with more being recorded every day, allows a different set list to be played at each show