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Massive By Law, LLC - is based on quality, not quantity.


Massive By Law Records, LLC is an independent record label headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

Spear-headed by the CEO and Founder, Tyrone Collier (aka Big Check Ty), MBL has finally arrived! With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, Mr. Collier is very excited about the rapid development of this major corporation and their growing line of artists.

Tyrone Collier says, "Growing up in Brooklyn, New York made it easy for me to develop a passion for music. Being exposed, to a variety of music genres at a young age, made it easy for me to recognize raw talent. Because of this, I had a greater determination to bring artists from all walks of life together, through their music."

MBL Records strives only for the best. With plans for development Worldwide, the company is confident that their label brings a fresh new sound to the music and entertainment industry.

Flanked with that New York City suave street-smart flair, MBL Records has a unique sound that has not been prevalent in the music industry for quite some time. With a diverse roster of artists, the music that is being created under this house is as eclectic as ever! The talent includes not only Hip-Hop, but also R & B, Modern Pop, and Gospel.

In calibration with Hustle Nation Enterprises, a George Clinton company, Executive Saadiq Busby manages MBL's distribution, marketing strategies and promotion campaigns. The goal is to position each release to reflect the positive aspects of traditional album releases combined with cyber-world dynamics, dedicated to achieving maximum sales.

Be sure to keep your ears open because Massive By Law is "Taking It to the Streets" with the release of their first album titled, "MBL All Stars -Street Album." This raw creative masterpiece features songs from some of labels most poetically versed artists.


The "Street Album" features tracks from, Cali-Bud, MoTy, Beazy and more!

Songs from MBL Records can also be found on the compilation album titled "Worldwide The Academy" featuring Wu Tang Clan, Timbo King, Killer Priest, Son's of Man, 60 Second Assassin, The Rza, Canibus, Sean Price and Keith Murray from Def Squad, being released on May 19, 2009.

Massive By Law will be appearing with DJ Ace of Spades, the hottest DJ in New York City on May 12, 2009 in NYC. MBL artists will also appear on DJ Ruckas in Cleveland this weekend as well as performing in Cleveland on May 15 and 16, 2009!

**INTERNET ACCESS** to MBL - ALL STAR album is at www.cdbaby.com/mblallstar featuring smash singles by Cali - Budd "GET YOUR WALK ON" and MoTy ft. Cali- Budd "WATCH YOUR MOUTH" which is also featured in independent movie called "BULLETS OVER BROWNSVILLE" (www.bulletsoverbrownsville.com), which is an Open Mindz Production.

**COMING SOON** ---- MoTy "HANDS UP" will be a theme song in the film "THE STICK UP KIDS" (www.thesystemwithin.com), which is The System Within Production and Janky Promoters starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps.

Set List

2 song set/ 1O minutes -----

"Watch Your Mouth" (hip-hop)
"Get Ur Walk On" (hip-hop)

4 song set / 20 minutes -----

"Gone" (R&B)
"Watch Your Mouth" (HIP-HOP)
"Get Your Walk On" (HIP-HOP)
"MBL - Tha Anthem (HIP-HOP)