mByronic Heroes

mByronic Heroes


Singer Carney describes the mByronic Heroes as "beatnik undie rock" -- a never heard combination of piercing lyrics with jazz, folk and funk influences. Their music is guaranteed to move you and reward you for close listening.


mByronic Heroes formed out of the fusion of singer-songwriter Bryan Carney's quirky lyrics &, the eclectic funk, rock and traditional Indian musical stylings of Bassist Paul Sorenson, and the advanced drumming techniques of Vitor Dourado.

Natives of Barrie, Ottawa and Brazil, the three came together amongst several other projects in the Toronto music scene in 2008, and recognizing a strong chemistry and positive feedback, are booking dates across Ontario, Canada, and worldwide.


Come on Wind & Bobby Pins
(release under band name "Carney")
tracks available at www.myspace.com/mbyronicheroes

Set List

We normally cover most of our original tracks on the CD, Come on Wind & Bobby Pins.

Come on Wind
Welcome Matt Mirage
Melted Clocks
Nobody Like you
All in All
Make love to your mind
Bobby Pins
Sour Grapes
It must be the fall
Vintage Brandy Wine