My Book Your Sandwich

My Book Your Sandwich


My Book Your Sandwich is an experience through life, love, and faith- and the music they make. Combining elements of folk, blues, and gospel into a unique brand of modern rock, MBYS invites you to join them in this journey, and they promise to give you a little something for the ride Home.


My life before me in one choice-
I’m being led here by your voice,
So let me tell you with this sigh;
I’m taking the road less traveled by…
"Long Road Home"

My Book Your Sandwich is an experience through life, love, and faith- and the music they make. Songwriter Spencer Sweeting fronts the band with soulful vocals that leaves his words convincing and real. New bassist Jon Smock rock-solid rhythms accentuate Nate Reed’s electrifying drums to provide a foundation on which to build each song into an anthem. Karl Fisher and Chris Jones form a fresh tandem in rock music, marinating songs with Fisher’s effect-laden mandolin and Jones’ piercingly smooth, melodic tones. This maturing band has finally discovered their sound, and when the pieces come together, a truly new breed of rock music is formed.

With influences ranging from U2 to Nickel Creek, and contemporary gospel to traditional folk, t’s easy to see why this band has an effect on listeners young and old. It’s hard not to feel as if Sweeting pulled the songs from your own mind. He is able to write relevant lyrics that will end up in your quote box. The band clearly believes in his words, and each instrument strives to help tell the story. Unsatisfied with being common, they prove a fervent desire to break free from the ordinary with songs like "The Great Escape" and "Long Road Home". They wax poetically about true love on the aptly titled "To Whom it May Concern". Unashamed of their beliefs, they pull no punches on the matters of faith. On the anthemic "I Will", they look through the eyes of Jesus Christ as he struggles with the cross and ultimately shows what sacrifice is all about.

This is what My Book Your Sandwich is passionate about: creating music that serves as a vehicle to a message that all five hold dear to their hearts. They desire to reach the world through rock and roll, always looking forward to the day they finally get to the end of their journey and “wipe their feet on the welcome mat of grace” ("Painting Heaven"). My Book Your Sandwich invites you to join them in this journey, and they promise to give you a little Something for the Ride Home.

As I’m looking towards tomorrow
I won’t have to second guess
Because I know that I’ll be running home to you…
"The Great Escape"


"Something For The Ride Home" LP - 2005

"Fall With You" and "God of 3 Strings" have seen exposure on national internet and regional radio

"Our Gift In Song" Essence of Joy
(MBYS performed as special guests of this elite collegiate choir's Christmas concert recording)

"Who's Gonna Say Grace?" EP - 2002

"Better Than Life" circulated on regional PA radio

Set List

MBYS can comfortably play up to 2.5 hours of music. The typical MBYS concert set has an average of 1.5 hours of music altogether. For worship events, MBYS can adapt their set to the event schedule and need.


Amazing Grace
Baby Me
Barefoot & Broken
Better Than Life
Fall With You
Dancing Song
I Will
Long Road Home
Marvelous Grace
Painting Heaven
Red Light
The Great Escape
To Whom It May Concern
Wake Me Up
When It All Falls Down


Where the Streets Have No Name – U2
One – U2
In a Little While – U2
My City of Ruins – Bruce Springsteen
Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
Have a Little Faith In Me – John Hiatt
God of 3 Strings - Mortal
Only One Love – Yvonne Parks
Hold My Hand - Hootie & the Blowfish

MBYS has its roots in worship music, and therefore also carries an extensive worship & hymn repertoire.