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MC Hot Dog

Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | MAJOR

Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Spoken Word Hip Hop




"Bravo Taiwan at Music Matters Live 2014 - 13 Band, Quaterback & MC Hotdog!"

MC Hot Dog

MC Hotdog is Taiwan's famed hip-hop artist and rapper, best known for popular songs like "我爱台妹" (I love Taiwanese Girls), "我的生活" (My Life) and "韓流來襲" (The Korean Invasion).

Most of MC Hotdog's songs are self-composed which he shared he prefers to take his time to compose a number as the songs are ‘based on emotions’.

“When I write my music, it’s based on how much the song appeals to me. It’s usually based on my feelings about it.” He cited ‘everyday live’ as his source of inspiration. “Most of my songs reflect the culture of our society; it can be stories that I’ve heard or I’ve experience before. This is also a reason why I enjoy listening to friends sharing with me their life stories.”

“The time duration from one album to another differs. I hope to be more hardworking so that I can produce more songs for everyone to enjoy without waiting for too long for it.”

Known for his explicit words in his song, MC Hotdog agrees that his songs these days are not as explicit as the ones he composed when he was younger. “We go through different stages in our lives, and now I'm at a stage where I view and perceive things differently, so my music will also be a little different from my past compositions." - incinemas


Still working on that hot first release.



MC HotDog (born Chung-Jen Yao in Taipei,
Taiwan) is a Mandarin rap artists known for his use
of explicit lyrics in his songs and is credited as the
godfather of Chinese Hip-hop. In a
predominantly idol worship Mandarin Music
market, MC HotDog stands out as many critics
consider his music to present a gritty, realistic
picture of life, which represents the true voice of
the people. In 2001, his four mini-albums sold
over 300,000 copies in Taiwan and estimated over
6,000,000 illegal pirated copies in mainland China.
After two years of military service (2002-2003) in
the Taiwan Army, he returned to join Chang Cheng
Yue and Free9 Band in 2004 for a two year concert


North America promoted by House of Blues Entertainment. Later that year he joined the
Label True Color which released his latest album “Wake Up” in 2006. The hit single “I
Love TW Girls” is top of the Hito radio chart for 14 consecutive weeks.

MC Hot Dog’s “Wake Up” album was awarded Album of the Year by the Taiwan Golden
Melody Awards in 2007.

MC Hot Dog’s “Ghetto Superstar” was awarded Album of the year by Golden Indie Music
Awards in 2013.

New Album “Under Construction ” will be coming soon!