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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"MC Chalkskin: The best thing you have yet to hear of!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Okay peoples, there is a new piece of greatness on the horizon and his name is MC Chalkskin. This is the debut album for the comedy rapper. The rather entertaining fictional story of this new wonder goes as such; Chalkskin was a member of the big boy band craze of the 80's. When he got too old to be liked by tweener girls he was kicked out of the boy bands where he met his partner D.J. Pop'N'Fresh. This album kind of chronicles the different stages and styles of the career of MC Chalkskin. The styles are eclectic but you can easily call it in the style of Weird Al. Now I don't mean the straight spoof Weird Al, i.e. Like a Surgeon or Jurassic Park. I mean more the original works "in the style of" Weird Al like Dog Eat Dog or One More Minute which in many ways have created my favorite Weird Al songs. I'm glad MC Chalkskin took this route as well to better define himself instead of being another easy to toss spoof artist. If you were to pinpoint one rapper who's style he most emulates you would have to choose Will Smith. It was hard not to listen to the album and think of Parent's Just Don't Understand, Men In Black or Nightmare on My Street. As I said it is his debut album and he definitely wanted to introduce the character so like any origin story it has a variety of beats to it and parts that will resonate differently with different people. All in all though the album is flat out good and at times full on great. Songs like Party Round Back with its really intelligent ending (he seriously uses just about every major country song title in one full stanza) to the impacting Peace in the Middle East will stick with you as stellar stand outs and others such as Mystery Track will make you smile and stick with you as catchy tunes. I have included the two music videos he has released so far. In a world of music starts that are as much artificial as Britney Spears...well everything and a music industry machine that no longer rewards quality and imagination its refreshing to see this kind of work and important to reward.

If you are like me and want to support such great talent and a performer who is legitimately trying to ENTERTAIN us than please visit this link to pick up your very value priced copy of M.C. Chalkskin and D.J. Pop'N'Fresh and their debut album Fresh Donuts.

The first video is Peace in the Middle East, this is really, REALLY excellent stuff.

This one is Alien Police, much more light harted and will really make you laugh.

Go buy a copy now!
- Carl Gannon


Party Singles!, Fresh Donuts



M.C. Chalkskin first came on to the music scene in the popular 1990's era boy band, The Boy Heat Boyz. His silky voice and sultry dance moves rocketed him to stardom.