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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Interview with Crankbox Music Blog"

McClain Sullivan
Interview by Chris Koppers. Images/song courtesy of McClain Sullivan

Where do you see the roots of your music?

My music is deeply rooted in Jazz. My father constantly had a jazz record on when I was a kid, and though at the time I didn't fully understand it, the music itself felt like home.

What are your plans for 2013?

So far this year has been amazing. I've found a new full band, and am putting out my first full length at the end of the year. Shows keep popping up in New York, and I'm just trying to keep it all balanced. So basically...super stardom.

How would you see music? Please pick one and explain your choice.

a) a remedy.
b) perfect media to meet new people.
c) my true passion.

C. I truly can't imagine my world without singing. It has been the one constant in my life, and no matter how frustrating the business has been, music has never let me down. I wake up thinking about it, and love every second of it.

McClain's song "Happy Anniversary"

What do you love most while performing?

It's this insane high. I've always been a tad socially awkward, but on stage I feel so comfortable. I could live up there.

How did music change your life?

Ha, it's hard to think how music didn't change my life.
Let's just say I was a bit of a "bad kid", and music kept me focused. Music determined where I went after school, it changed my career, it ended relationships, it started them, it put me in front of thousands of people, and at times made me feel completely alone. I think music has been my life from the beginning.

How important is online marketing/social media-networking for you?

Ack, it's so important. Frustratingly important. I never thought when I picked this career that I would have be good with computers. I always say now that promoting a show online is like having a birthday every week, you end up thinking "I hope people like me!"

What kind of venue do you prefer?

When you have been performing for this long it come down to two things. Do you have a stage, and how angry is your sound man?

How would you describe your music, your style to someone who has not heard of you yet?

Soul Music is what I am currently rolling with. It's the biggest box I can put myself in :)

What is your favorite song?

Gigantic by the Pixies. Wow, I didn't think that would be an easy one, but boom, there ya go.

Where can we find and purchase your music?

You can get all of my music currently for free on
I know, mind blown.
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"Show Review"

Fuzz and Mac performed various joints, including a few from their EP “Together Again.” There were moments when Mac was featured extending notes and displaying runs as a testament to her wind control. A great show resulted from the duo of the night as they performed for and amazed Augusta with little effort, but with a lot of underground talent. - Metro Spirit- Augusta 9/24/08


"Mac doesn’t over sing, she doesn’t have to, channeling Billie Holiday and Res but keeping it all her own. Her vocals are sultry on ‘In the Evening’ sounding peaceful and harmonious." - Bootleg- 2008

"Breaking: McClain Sullivan"

McClain Sullivan could be a future star of the American independent scene. Not only for that special face or remarkable musical talent, then, McClain has a classical education that sees it grow by participating in gospel choirs, forged by class-oriented jazz singers like Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday, becoming in turn, a songwriter who currently is making known far and wide to the east coast of the United States.
McClain is capable of combining the roots of traditional jazz to hip-hop and electronic influences of new generation. - RollingStone Italia- 2010

"Singer/Songwriter: McClain Sullivan"

We could call her the latest little white girl with the big voice, conjuring up images of the Christina's and Joss Stone's of current pop culture. Yet, with McClain Sullivan, a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York, we'll leave the comparisons to those who can't taste the obvious individuality Ms. Sullivan is serving. Similarities can be flattering, but don't begin to serve her the justice she rightly deserves as a bona fide super talent, about to shake the musical community to the bone. Her unique, raw vocals and gifted song writing ability come as naturally to this Seattle native, as her charming personality, and powerful stage presence...
- Line Up Magazine- 2010

"Artist to Watch"

"His partner, McClain Sullivan, is from the other side of the country, and is grounded in Seattle alt-rock, jazz, and even some trip hop. Her unusual vocal stylings range from sultry jazz to quirky punkish rock—and everything in between."
-Janie Franz
Skope Magazine October 2008 - Skope Magazine- 2008

"Meet McClain Sullivan"

McClain Sullivan Interview
By Norman Mayers

Meet McClain Sullivan, a Southern belle with the voice of an old soul. Fresh off her mesmerizing performance at Nu-Soul Magazine’s Strictly Social, the lovely Ms. Sullivan is ready to drop her eclectic EP My Machine. Bouncing from drum & bass to deep house to neo-soul to folk pop, but anchored by gritty jazz vocals, the EP is a solid introduction to the enchanting world of McClain Sullivan, a wonderful place you just may never want to leave.

Nu-Soul: You have such a unique vocal style. Who are some of your musical heroes?
McClain: Let’s see, my musical taste is really all over the charts. I grew up listening to a lot of Jazz so that had a huge influence on me. I loved Sarah Vaughn and Nina Simone. Then on the other end of the spectrum there was Ani Difranco and Liz Phair. They told stories that I could relate to. They gave me strength and in a way taught me how to write about my own life. The of course there is Stevie Wonder, The Pixies, Sia, Adele, Chet Baker, Diane Reeves, and the list goes on.

Nu-Soul: Do you have any formal vocal training?
McClain: I started training at a young age. My mother was like ” Get this child in a choir!”. I was one of those kids who was constantly singing and wouldn’t stop despite the social situation. So I joined the Seattle Girls Choir. Then I trained in a gospel choir and took private lessons, but I didn’t really open up until I joined jazz ensemble in High School. I felt at home, and continued on going to the jazz conservatory at New School University in NYC.

Nu-Soul: You seem to jump around into various genres. How would you describe your musical style?
McClain: True Story. My producer (Atlantic Connection) asked me that the other day and I buckled. I’ve always floated around in so many types of genres that it’s been hard to for me to pin myself down. It wasn’t until we did this EP My Machine that I really felt like I could define myself. I’m soul with pop and jazz in the mix. You like how I did that? New music style Soul/Pop/Jazz.

Nu-Soul: How did you link up with Atlantic Connection?
McClain: Atlantic Connection and I started working together when we were both still living in Wilmington, North Carolina. I remember going over to his house and watching him work. It was amazing. He was so fast and had such a good ear. It wasn’t like he was just producing “a beat” he was playing chords putting in samples and creating a mood. It was one of those “aha!” moments. We’ve been working together ever since.

Nu-Soul: Tell me about your EP, My Machine. What were you trying to accomplish musically?
McClain: We were trying to put something together that told our stories, and brought the listener in. I wanted to show who I was as an artist. That we could put a drum and bass track in there and it would work. I’m really proud. Usually when I hear myself I’m full of criticism, but we took our time and gave the tracks room to grow.

The true test is always when you put it in your car and drive your usual route. If it makes you want to get back in your car then you are gold. If you find yourself biking the next couple days then it’s back to the drawing boards. I was happy with this one. I let it relax in the “disc 2 spot” in my CD changer (you can’t have it as the first CD. That’s just way too self involved).

Nu-Soul: You also have a project with rapper Fuzz Jackson. What is that project all about?
McClain: Well, the project is called Fuzz and Mac. We are a hip hop duo, and have been playing for a few years together. We started off with a live 8 piece band,and then branched out together. We just finished our second album and have been playing shows on a pretty regular basis. I love working with Fuzz. We both push each other and keep each other level when times get rough. You should hear him freestyle. It is truly ridiculous.Nu-Soul: You recently did a tour on the West Coast. How was that experience for you? What did it accomplish?
McClain: It was so great!! I did not want to leave. We made some great connections and we got so much love from the audiences. We are actually coming back in a few days and playing some more shows. I’m hoping that I can keep coming out a few times each year and build on the fan base. What can beat the Cali sun?!

Nu-Soul: What can we expect from you next?
McClain: Why more music of course! I love finishing a project and getting to start on a clean slate. Right now we are in the process of promoting and then recording a follow up. Hopefully soon you will see me so much you won’t be able to take it anymore. You’ll be like, “McClain on another billboard…sheeesh!”

- Nu-Soul Magazine


My Machine- McClain Sullivan EP Westbay Recordings 2009

“My Heart” featuring Fuzz Jackson – McClain Sullivan EP – Westbay Recordings 2009

“I’m Not Everything” – McClain Sullivan EP – Westbay Recordings 2009

“Untitled House” – McClain Sullivan EP – Westbay Recordings 2009

“Our Song” – McClain Sullivan EP – Westbay Recordings 2009

“Day Dreamers” – Tomorrows Not Enough LP – Westbay Recordings – 2008

“In the Evening” – Fuzz Jackson “This Isn’t Just a Mixtape” – Planet Six Records 2007

“Shades of Blue” – Fuzz Jackson “This Isn’t Just a Mixtape” – Planet Six Records 2007

“Happy Anniversary” – Tangible Madness Vol.1 (v/a) – Tangible Madness 2006



Seattle born and current Brooklyn resident singer songwriter, McClain Sullivan was born to sing. "I could sing before I could talk!", she says. Not only does she sing but she has also been playing guitar since the tender age of twelve which enables her to deftly deliver passionate songs that come from her heart. Her voice has an honest emotional component that is matched by few, especially in today's manufactured pop culture.

Within her tunes, you can hear her struggle, her triumph, and her questioning as you will begin to explore the depths of this complex and gifted artist. Citing artists as varied as Sarah Vaughn, Ani Difranco, and Erykah Badu, Sullivan shows homage to her influences while forging her own sound and style. In the past few years, McClain's music has taken her everywhere from California to Italy and many points in between. Fans of true soul music will not be disappointed. Your champion has arrived. Her name is McClain Sullivan.....