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Bloomingdale, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Bloomingdale, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative





page 19 & 20 - Full Access Magazine


page 19 & 20 - Full Access Magazine


Looking Forward to taking To the Road on  our FL Tour 



Band Bio 2011 to 2014

The band started in 2011 when Michael McClinton went into the studio with John Clara and Paul Carabala to write his debut album, McClinton. After recording the album, Michael wanted to find the right people to play what he felt was his breakout album! He had known Michael Oaks, and met Johnny Race while playing an open mic one night. Steve Graves came in on bass and Matt T on drums. Ed Marshall became the drummer when Matt broke his hand after we had opened for Randy Jackson of Zebra. Ed Marshall joined the band to do a tv show, New York Rocks. It was a fit and the band went on to do 12 to 15 shows that year, opening for acts such as Firehouse in Boston, doing events for Rock Hard Magazine. After we let Mike Oaks go, we brought in Chris Wider, needing someone for a big show opening for Ace Frehly of Kiss in front of a crowd of thousands. Beforehand, we sat down and signed a record deal with Dirty Jersey Records, but it was short lived due to financial problems. On November 12, we put on a benefit show at Williams Center for a young boy, Jake Lemaster, who was diagnosed with cancer. From there, the band started working with George Hernandez from Universal Records. As meetings and plans were coming together, the band fell apart. We had shows booked, but the drummer broke his hand at work. We brought in Vinny Sardo to replace Ed for one of the shows and he stayed on for over a year! In the interim, the band lost Steve Graves to family and work life and Chris Wider to work as he was a doctor and time for music just was not there. That left Johnny, Michael, and Vinny. Michael met  Albert Rosa, bass player for Bullets and Blacktops, at an amusement park with his family. Albert brought in Frank Riha, a guitar player from the same band. They started playing shows after about a month. These included radio shows in Maryland and Florida, TV shows on Mad House TV, live video streams, and opening for many national acts, such as country artist Dierks Bentley. 2012 was a big year for the band, playing over 30 shows and opening for some great acts including Richie Scarlet, Z02, and Adema. McClinton headlined a show in the Hamptons opening for Nick Clemons, son of the legendary Clarence Clemons. To start the 2013 year right, the band stepped into the studio to record what they thought would be a great album, but after only getting 4 songs recorded in 6 months, the band needed to get back out playing as booking promoters were calling for more shows. Some members of the band flew to Wales, United Kingdom and played shows there. Since only some members could make it, players from the UK stepped in to play for the members that could not. At that point, founding member Michael McClinton realized there needed to be a change. After being featured in Full Access Magazine with Papa Roach, the band was continuing to get bigger and bigger. They did radio shows and performed with bands like Stryper, Mike Tramp of White Lion, Ronnie James, Dio's band Dio's Disciples, and Eric Martin of Mr. Big. Things had to change before the shows so McClinton brought in Alex Cooper from the UK to fill in for Johnny after he parted ways to go back to his old band. We also brought in a fill in drummer to cover the shows. After the shows and booking a tour, the band set out to tour with the following dates:

After the tour, the band was just not right. Frank got sick and his mom fell ill, so the band had to postpone dates. Alex went back to the UK, Frank needed to take care of things at home and at his job, and Albert needed to do things for his family. Michael went back to where it all started. He called his good friend Paul Carabala from The Atari's and asked if he would write and record the next McClinton album with him. Paul said, "Let's do it!" A month and a half later, Final Closure was written. Michael wanted to go out and find the best band he could: a band that was willing to do whatever it took to put them on the map, and that's just what he did. First, he found Rui Balla to play drums. He thought Albert and Frank might come back, but still needed a guitar player, so he found Jimmy "The Kid" St. James. With things getting worse with Frank's mom, Frank decided it would be best if he didn't come back because it wouldn't be fair to the band or to himself, so Michael found Brett Palleria and it was like he was meant to be there. Still unsure on what Albert Rosa was going to do, Michael knew he needed to get him back or find the right fit. In walked Pete Riot, and with only weeks to get ready to open for Eric Martin for the second time in less then three months, the band started to prepare themselves for what would start 2014 and Final Closure!

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