We are probably somewhere in between ryan adams, and lovedrug. writing depressing songs is easy and overdone, so our songs are hopefully ones that leave you feeling good about life. we just like music.


We all went to high school together, and had played music together occasionally from time to time. In the spring of 2007 we starting writing songs together. Our influences are bands like: Ryan Adams, Wilco, Lovedrug, The Album Leaf, Brand New, and The Format.
Alot of bands write songs that focus more on the negative side, and we try to focus more on the positive side of life, there is a lot to be happy about. Mostly, we like to play music, and we like to share that with people.


We have one 6 song, self titled EP out.

Set List

We usually play 5-7 songs, the set time we are usually given is around 40 minutes, and we try to stick closely to that, to respect the other bands playing time. our average set list is: Awake O Sleeper, Make a Man, Kansas City, Love is Leaving, I Am Not The Same, and Alleliua. We hope to do some hip hop covers some time in the future.