McCrossan-Burgess Band

McCrossan-Burgess Band


Dan and Tom play the kinds of songs that we all have heard and love. Based out of Rhode Island, they have played many gigs as a duo at many interesting places. If you like the music from the beatles, the stones, the allmans or the band, than you will surely enjoy the originals and covers they play.


Having met in 2003 at Nichols College, Dan and Tom were the two guys that could never put their guitars down. Time after time, day after day, Dan and Tom would find themselves in different situations playing the same instruments. If there was a party, there would be guitar music. If there was an opportunity for a show, they would be all over it. Dan and Tom would be influenced by the greatest proven artists that most people love. They saw concerts by the allmans, beatles members, the dead, and everything in between whenever they could.

We think its hard to find two musicians that are 25 years old that absolutely love playing older rock. While most people their age spend time with hip-hop, or punk music, the McCrossan Burgess Band plays the old-fashioned gritty music of their parents, the kind that never dies.


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Set List

A typical set would cover about 3 hours of playing time, with originals that they have written, with many covers by the bands that they appreciate.