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Drinking the Pain Away

Written By: Josh Brown & Mac McDaniel

"Drinking the Pain Away"
Josh Brown & Mac McDaniel

Verse I:

Never thought I'd recall the last time I saw you
But that happened today
Bittersweet memory, I was holding you, you were holding me
But that was years ago

The rain comes and the pain falls on my broken heart
And this ain't no place to stay
I pick up my glass and make a cheers to the past
Drinking the pain away

Verse II:
I was sitting there at the bar
When I heard the jukebox playing our favorite song
It took me to another place and time
When I was yours and you were mine
I said bartender "pour me another round"


It's time to close the door
She don't love me anymore


Back to You

Written By: Mac McDaniel

Verse I:
Times wasting, a little each day
Hesitating, wont make you stay
Any longer, won't make me stronger
Than I am right now

Verse II:
I'm waiting, to cross that line
Won't make you mine
But I still need you, no I can't leave you
Like I've done before

Why.... wait another minute
For something I wanna do
I'm.... thinking about forever
As I make my way back to you
My...way....back to you

Verse III:
Time changes, who we are
With every season, we've come so far
Just to leave it in the past
It takes believing, to make us last

Chorus x1

We've been down this road before and I know I know you deserve so much more
We'll bend until we break
For all you give and all I take

Chorus x1 My way back to you