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The best kept secret in music


"Reasons To Believe: A look at some of the most buzz-worthy acts in the Southeast"

A rarity among rock-inclined musicians as an African-American female, Divinity is known to move crowds with sincere and sometimes sassy lyrics, tons of energy and a straightforward blend of rock and funk. She works hard on stage, wielding her guitar with just as much strength as and know-how as sex appeal. This MC is literally schoolin folks. Only serious students need apply. --T. LaGon - Creative Loafing (April 2005)

"Divine Intervention"

In one of the many highpoints during Victor Wooten's shows, rapper/vocalist/bassist MC Divinity comes onstage with a large clipboard, asks for random words from the audience , kicks off the band in a jammed groove, and proceeds to fashion the words into a freestyle rhyme. The nature of divinity's song structure seems a perfect parallel to her career path, which has gone from pre-teen wannabe rapper to key member of Victor's band since 2001. -C. Jisi - Bass Player (June 2005)

"Me & Divinity"

If ever your are blessed to experience the "Duchess of Decatur" on stage, be prepared to dance, sweat, and when you're not speechless-- scream! Once you buy her CD, "Ain't No Other Way…," (which I know you will), relax and listen to the story she tells. From the interludes where the music industry tries to label her sound, to the love story of "Walk Away". Ride on 285 with her in "Beam On It" until your wheels wind down to the sensual sounds of "Black Magic Woman". After listening and experiencing, you will clearly see that her words in the opening song of "This Ain't Rock" are true, she "Only Rocks HIP HOP”. Trying to box and categorize her music is about as futile as trying to contain the energy of her stage presence, you can try, but soon there is just nothing there to hold it. - S. Pierce - Neo (October, 2004)

"Hip Hop's Divine Intervention"

"An engaging smile and girlish laughter belie her MC persona -- sexy, edgy and raw. As Divinity takes the stage with five string bass in hand, you can feel the energy: like watching clouds gather before the storm. She rips the mic as banging drums and fierce guitar licks fuel the fire that burns through her current project..."

- Rolling Out


"The Duchess of Decatur, also known as MC DIVINITY, holds down Atlanta with a bass and a microphone. Her homegrown southern lyrical style is hard and funky, a complement to her bass playing, both of which are done in a virtuous display of ambidexterity during her charismatic live performances. As if it's not enough that she can play the bass and flow at the same time,- and the rare talent of animating each word, bringing in the listener visually.

"Discovered" and mentored by internationally renowned Jazz bassist Victor Wooten, Divinity toured with him for three weeks and is featured on his recently released live album, Victor Wooten in America."

- Mugshot Magazine (New York)


2005 Victor Wooten, Soul Circus
2003 MC Divnity, Ain't No Other Way... LP
2001 Victor Wooten, Live In America


Feeling a bit camera shy


MC Divinity, an emcee/bass player/vocalist, electrifies crowds with her own brand of rocked out hip-hop. Don't let the pretty face fool you, this little lady spits rhymes and slaps bass lines in a skillful display of finesse and dexterity, captivating folks with her rare ability to hold down the groove and flow simultaneously.

Emceeing since the age of 12, Divinity came up freestyling and battling in Atlanta's underground hip-hop scene, playing such fabled clubs as Yin Yang and Club Mecca. Then, her desire to contribute more to the music making process drove her to learn to play bass. In 2001, internationally renowned bass player, Victor Wooten, saw Divinity's raw talent and asked her to tour with him. She has been a featured part of Wooten's live show for the past 4 years and can be heard on two of his albums— Live In America (2001, Compass) and Soul Circus (2005, Vanguard). Divinity also played on Bela Fleck’s album, Small Worlds (2003, Sony).

These days, when Divinity is not touring with Wooten, she and her band are tearing the roof off of clubs in the Southeast. Like the mic, Divinity wields the bass with power and ferocity, laying down grooves with as much strength as sex appeal. She is known to move crowds with her infectious melodies and hard driving anthems, which she delivers with more than a little bit of sass.

Divinity was recently voted one of the ten most "buzz-worthy acts in the Southeast" by Creative Loafing (April 2005) and was also featured in Bass Player magazine (June 2005). Currently, Divinity is working on the follow up to her 2003 solo effort, Ain't No Other Way (Bull Clique Inc.). The new project, tentatively titled Free Bassin', pays homage to the bare essentials of hip-hop--bass, drums and rhymes.