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Pole Position (The Qualifying Stage) Mixtape 2006
Single "Pole Position"
Pole Position (Race Won) Mixtape 2007
Single " Hip-Hop 4 Prez"
Pole Position (The Winners Circle) Mixtape 2008
Single " It's Nuthin' "
The Blue Pill Projects Mixtape Early 2009
Single " Lies "
Debut Album "Fact or Friction" (Either way you get the Truth!!) Summer 2009

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BIO: Scarface said "It's all in the eyes, Chico", but in this particular case it's all in the name FRICTION. Born & raised in Strong Island, NY, home of such legendary emcees such as Rakim, EPMD & Public Enemy to name a few, this underground emcee is bringing Lyricism, Creativity & Passion back to a region which has (in his words)"lost its swag". With the South dominating the charts as of late, New York has lost its identity reminiscent of the early 90's when the west coast reigned ova the airwaves. From the opening track (Furious Styles) of his debut mixtape "Pole Position", you can grasp this emcee's discontent with so-called corporate, political & religious leaders. In a spitfire style he raps: "It's already been decided, like Stari Decisis, Minorities contributions to this country are priceless, tighter than vice grips/ The noose is still around your necks, But now it's laced with diamonds & platinum baguettes, imagine what's next??” Within two bars he goes from discussing a US Supreme Court decision, to shedding light on the inequalities faced by minorities in this country, while describing self destructive tendencies of the youth in his own musical genre! FRICTION is conscious of every word he writes & the impact it has on the listening audience. So if you are looking for cars, rims, clothes, diamonds, guns, drug sales, degradation of women & jail bids, this artist is probably not for you. MY MISSION IS TO IDENTIFY,ELIMINATE, & CRUSH FAKE RAPPERS,POLITICIANS, & RELIGIOUS LEADERS INTO SUBMISSION!!! THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY THING I'VE READ WAS BY HARRIET TUBMAN SHE SAID " I WAS ABLE TO FREE HUNDREDS OF SLAVES THRU THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, BUT I WOULD'VE BEEN ABLE TO FREE HUNDREDS MORE IF I COULD ONLY CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY WERE SLAVES"!!! FREE YOUR MINDS & STOP THE CYCLE OF IGNORANCE PASSED DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. EDUCATE YOURSELVES TO REALITY, SO THAT YOU CAN PREPARE THE YOUTH FOR THE FUTURE! 381 DAYS CHANGED THE CONSTITUTION & BROUGHT ABOUT CIVIL RIGHTS...NOT BECUZ WE MARCHED,SANG SONGS, YELLED & SCREAMED WE WANT EQUALITY.....WE FINANCIALLY CRIPPLED CITIES WITH THE BOYCOTT!! WE MUST LEARN THAT THE GOVERNMENT SPEAKS ONLY ONE LANGUAGE & THAT IS MONEY!!! !