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Marrying the interests of geekhood (Star Wars conventions, e-mail scams, 20-sided dice) with funky beats and hyper-literate rhyming, Nerdcore Hip-Hop is rap for the kids who were never cool. MC FRONTALOT is the star of the genre. See


In late 1999, MC FRONTALOT pioneered the subgenre of rap music called Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a once harmless movement that has metastasized into an internet phenomenon. Nerdcore's live-audience draw grows yearly, with acts such as Frontalot, MC Chris, MC Lars, and Optimus Rhyme filling increasingly larger venues on national tours. Damian's independently produced MC Frontalot tracks have earned a devoted audience and his first retail album Nerdcore Rising (released Aug 2005) is in its third printing and has been featured on the front page of the iTunes site. He is the official rapper of Penny Arcade (net’s most popular comic with 3.5 million daily readers) and headlines at their annual convention to an audience of several thousand.

MC Frontalot has been featured in XXL Magazine, The Guardian (UK), and Wired News Online, on NPR’s “Day to Day,” CBC’s “Definitely Not the Opera,” WNYC’s “Brian Lehrer Show,” and Pacifica Radio’s “Technology Bytes.” He is slated to appear in Wired Magazine (Sept ’06), on “Whatever” (Channel 4, UK) and “Barrio 19” (MTV Europe), and in the book Walk This Way: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America by Jason Tanz (Bloomsbury Press, Feb ‘07). His first contribution to Sesame Street is a song about a toilet paper factory, featured on the DVD “Elmo’s Potty Time” (Aug ’06).

A documentary feature about his 2006 national tour is in the works from Vaguely Qualified Productions (New York) and is expected in late 2007.

He towers over small hedges and ferns at a mighty 6’1.


Yellow Lasers

Written By: MC Frontalot

met her at the star wars convention
did I mention, she was looking for love?
had to call her bluff, lady you don't mean how that sounded
(the thousand-pound dude in the 'no fat chicks' shirt's astounded)
thought she'd take it back, revoke, rescind, rewind, retract
ya heard me, she said, I want any man here
to descend in the cave where you conquer the fear
and I'll steer you to side of the force that you choose
somebody's man enough here -- now who?
This girl, now you have to understand,
would not look out of place on the arm of an attractive man
so the geeks in attendance got jaws on the floor, one extends his
saber but he tripped on his cloak, I stepped to the front then I spoke
I ain't spitting game, look I got a wookie hat on,
but these guys here are used to gettin' spat on
by girls, see you put em in shock.
And this ain't the right con to quote mister spock
but it's highly illogical to me. Girl looked in my eye, said is your mind free?

Cause I got something for you
it is shiny, it is clean
Come on up and I'll adore you
with my yellow laser beam

sitting in her room upstairs,
watching her wind up the buns in her hair
I declare that I'd like to be luke,
unless that's a little bit too perverted for you
I could be jaba, a jawa, an ewok, when we talk "oo ga la gee bla!"
wait -- I seen all the flicks, all the books that I read,
don't remember any character tied to the bed
but that's all right, I'ma just pretend that I'm encased in carbonite
and why that's a nice gold bikini, you make that?
shows off what you got, make no mistake that's
one fine view of chewbacca you're giving me
lower that down here, we could be living the
linguistic lifesyle of the protocol droid.
(Here comes the part where I'm not overjoyed)
Fire! She said, and before I could scream
got a steaming mouth full of yellow laser beam

Indier Than Thou

Written By: MC Frontalot

I'm so indie that my shirt don't fit
you wonder out loud 'frontalot yo why you come so ill-equipped?'
because being all prepared to get on the mic is selling out
and I ain't even about to relinquish indie clout
I look confused, like I just got out of bed,
my rhyme style reflects this
use my overdeveloped sense of irony to deflect dis-
missiles, exploding all around me
unpromoted, don't know how you found me
soundly situated in obscurityland
famous in inverse proportion to how cool I am
and should I ever garner triple-digit fans
you can tell me then there's someone I ain't indier than

(he's so indie) indie I be
ain't an obscurer rapper out there who be indier than me
(he's so indie) indie, and how!
come not near to me; for I be indier than thou
(he's so indie) indie indeed
if I were on an indie label you could call me mainstream
(he's so indie) indie I am
all the better for the frontalot to leverage his brand

delving deep into my letterbox when I discovered
fanmail for MC FRONT, it kinda hovered
before my vision, I made a decision to open it up
it said "yo frontalot, you suck!"
oh whew, I was worried for a second that I'd started to earn love
seeing all my indie points burned up
next you know I'm meeting pop stars in stretched cars
doing the soundtrack for the wendy's tie-in with jar jar
paying rent on time, owning things,
suing napster with my best friend sting
it's like a nightmare (yep) cause that ain't nerdcore (nope)
yes I'm indier than thou within my nerdcore flow
and if you're slow on the uptake, I'll lay it out
hipsterism is a religion to which you gotta be devout
must be seen as in between unpopular and hated
or else get excommunicated

Message No. 419

Written By: MC Frontalot

it was just like a scene in an intrigue film
and I'm still not convinced that it wasn't for real

This isn't intended for me, I don't think.
It's a missive from the edge of despair, I mean brink
of total desperation; the communication therein
says her hopes for survival are slim
and she's writing to the Front, though we've yet to meet,
with a confidential matter cause she's heard I'm discreet.
And the urgency of her request for my aid
is matched by the depth of the trust she displayed.
"Don't betray me like our oil minister did, staged a coup
and I'm about to flee Nigeria soon
but I'll never make it out," she says, with twenty million
three hundred twenty thousand US dollars that are still in
her possession. She embezzled them, I guess.
Look, I don't really know her so uh... that's none of my business.
She's the LADY MARYAM ABACHA, deposed.
These days can't even get her caps-lock key unfroze
but yo, something 'bout a widow in distress
(with 20 million dollars hidden in a metal chest)
softened up the Frontalot's heart no doubt
so I hit the reply button, tell her I can help her out.

She writes me back: DEAR FRONTALOT, UNITED STATES...
she acts so thankful. A bank full of money awaits!
And I hate delays so I'm quick to turn around
with my full name and the number to my checking account
and the scan of my license to drive an automobile
and my passport number proving Frontalot's for real!
Then I'll meet the money in Stockholm, ain't gonna walk home,
think I'll retire to the south of Spain and sip gazpacho.
Not so quick, there's a little problem.
LADY A apparently had difficulty running all them
numbers I give her, but look, the fake ID's my only one
and that's a real passport, I got it off usenet and checked,
I'm not dumb. I'm not some idiot
who's about to lose your money for you, quicker than I'm getting it
and of course my bank balance is negative, whose isn't?
That's why I need your 20% money laundering commission.
And I'm wishing I could talk about this further with you but I can't.
I just got an email from DR. UBUGU of Chad.
He's got a hundred and seventy-seven million in a bag.
I feel I got to help him 'cause his story is so sad.

it was just like a scene in an intrigue film
and I'm still not convinced that it wasn't for real


Nerdcore Rising (2005)

Set List

current touring set, 17 songs, 1hr 5min.
Indier Than Thou
Crime Spree
Message Number 419
Hassle: The Dorkening
Front The Most
Yellow Lasers
Pr0n S0ng
Listen Close
Special Delivery / My Sister
Floating Bridge
Goth Girls
Charity Case
Nerdcore Rising
This Old Man
Gonna Be Your Man
Penny Arcade Theme