Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed

Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed


Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed play original and traditional blues, ballads, and breakdowns. Their music lay where the city meets the country, where north meets south, where hollering meets harmonizing, when Joey Ramone & Hank Williams swap songs.


Back, way back, before America was America, there were songs. Songs about drinking and death and regret and fear and anger and love. These songs have been all around the world. Each new generation in each place tinkers with them a bit, changing up the words and melodies , making them louder or softer or faster or slower. Brian McGee hasn't died yet, but as done and felt all those other things in spades. His songs are in his heart and in his lungs.
Together with his band of unpretentious but highly skilled musicians, Brian McGee's songs are delivered in a stringband format with a juke joint kick and a rock and roll sneer. The entire band's influences read like the playlists of early country & blues radio, 1960's folk festival line-ups, and the photocopied flyesr of the late 70's CBGB's punk shows. Their backgrounds are broad and influences wide, but the sound is consistent through each song, hollering or harmonizing.
Brian McGee grew up in Philadephia PA. He took his first guitar lesson at the age of 12 and 7 years later, his three piece punk band from high school, Plow United, was touring the country from New Jersey to California and upwards into Canada. It was during this time that he fell for the songs of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and on a whim, started taking banjo lessons in 1996. By 1998 Plow United had broken up and in 1999 his compass pointed South to learn more about traditional American music and instrument building. He settled in Western North Carolina and was active playing at community dances and old time music jams where he meet the future members of his band, who had already been playing in different local bands.
While discovering the roots of rock and roll through the combination of old country and blues, Brian McGee was now writing under a new set of influences
which ranged from Dock Boggs to Tom Waits and every connection to be made between the two.
He put together a band that was armed with enough traditional chops to know when and how to brake from tradition to bridge the gap between urban punk and rural music traditions.


That's When the Night Comes On

Written By: Brian McGee

At six o'clock it's starting to get dark
And you ain't allowed back in the park
And those old summer clothes
Ain't no good in the snow
And your lighter, will only give you sparks.
So you're begging for some money for a drink.
There's no comfort in what the people think
And the roof where you lie is the stars in the sky
And that's when the night comes on.

That's when the night comes on
That's when the night comes on
When the moon chases down the sun
That's when the night comes on

You got the call that I didn't want to hear
Commander said to pack up all your gear
And at O nine hundred you will hear that trumpet
And your plane, goes flying through the air
So in twenty four hours you'll be gone
And while you're here I can't leave you alone
And I wish it was summer, the days would be longer,
until the night comes on.


This house is a living tome
Everyday I try to push a broom
But those Irish curtains, they know I'm hurting
As your ghost haunts every room.
And there's a time during every waking day
That's reserved for the staring into space
And it's a quiet little wreck, like rain down your neck
And that's when the night comes on.


Set List

Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed can play a set list that is 20 minutes or 120 minutes. The sets are usually heavy with Brian's original songs, with traditional fiddle tunes, ballads & blues to fill out and compliment the set.