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Melbourne, Florida, United States | SELF

Melbourne, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"MC G.O.D.: He’s Intergalactic Planetary from Zooton in the Hipster Hop Universe, Sector Lurkey"

FILE UNDER: Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Beardo, Andre Legacy, Das Racist, Devin the Dude, Asher Roth

I am horrible at meeting people face to face. I’m sitting at a table with our Publisher Darro in downtown at Island Pasta, waiting to have lunch with MC G.O.D. (Brock as we are now calling him). I’m nervously entertaining Darro as we wait because in my rush to get there I somehow landed us 15 minutes early, I’m never early!!

So, waiting on MC G.O.D., all I know of him is that sometimes at night while cruising town in the Luxury Goods van we often pump the bass and LOL to his songs with names that I just gave them without knowing the real name: “White Girls”, “Lurkey Turkey”, “Bitch I’m Broke”… my kind of humor: dry, witty, ironic, dirty.

Being that MC G.O.D. is a white boy from ‘the sticks’ of Malabar, FL, one might think this is his way of poking fun at rap music, but once you get to know him he takes this seriously. A trained jazz drummer who makes his living touring with other bands, MC G.O.D. is his ‘wannabe persona’, but it really is what he is all about.

Finally, Brock’s on time……

Being that you are a professionally trained and practicing musician…why MC GOD? What makes you want to pursue hip-hop and the music that you are creating as MC GOD? To some it may seem like an unlikely match, but you take it really seriously.

I'm doing the MC G.O.D. thing for several reasons, one, it has always been my dream since I was in my early teens to be a rapper. When I entered Stone Junior High in the 7th grade, I started listening to New York underground rap, and Miami Bass from the early and mid-90's. Two, I wanted to do something that was solely created by me, I was tired of playing the drums in bands and not getting to have total creative control. Dealing with divas, drama kings/queens, lead guitar players, etc. is a major pain in the ass. One of the things I love about G.O.D. is that it's just me in my room, I make all of my own beats, I record and write all of the songs in my home studio, so it's a really nice change from a rock band setting. Three, I've played and practiced the drums (16 years) to the point where I've plateaued and don't feel the same enthusiasm and passion for them that I used to in years past. Now, when I'm performing as MC G.O.D. on stage I get nervous, and feel the rush of performing in front of people again. And it's also really great to be at the front of the stage, rather than hiding in the back behind the drums, I like being an entertainer and dancing and moving around and getting the people into it. And finally, I've tried making it in bands full time, day in day out, have traveled the world, and still haven’t found the financial success that I am looking for, and in the past when bands didn't blow up or go on tour, I would have the lead singer, or song writers of the band to blame for the failures and shortcomings of the band. BUT with MC G.O.D., if something sucks, or people think my shit is whack, the only person I can blame is myself!!! And that’s what I love the most! It's all on me, and I'd like to think that I'm going to deliver the goods!

What are some of the main influences for MC G.O.D. in the music and in your mind?

The main influences would have to be the things around me and the lifestyle that I choose. Fast times, loose women, drugs, sex, alcohol. I'm a free spirited extroverted hippie partier, and have been for quite sometime. And i'm also a very sexual person, so I like my music to revolve around that. MC G.O.D. is just a reflection of that hard partying and womanizing part of myself. MC G.O.D. as a character is kind of like my own ego, but on crack, just raging out of control, MC G.O.D. is really into himself, and takes on that rapper "i'm the shit persona" more so than me in real life. Then musically my influences range from Miami Bass to Indie Electro, I'm basically trying to fuse together southern rap, with the more worldly sounds of house, techno, electro, trance, all of that good stuff. I'm calling it "Hip Hop for Hipsters" or "Hipster Hop".

What are some of the more serious topics you touch on with MC G.O.D.??

Hmmmm...hahahaha. Well I'm not really sure if there is any real substance in the music that I make. I have strong opinions on things like politics, religion, spirituality, but I prefer just to make party music for the masses. There came a point in my life when I realized that thinking to much about what is really going on here on Earth is too depressing. So I'd rather spread love and humor than consciousness, because ignorance is bliss, and I don't want to be responsible for awakening the people around here and consequently ruining their innocence. Does that makes any sense?

You mentioned having a 'different' or 'weird' childhood, how has that played in to your music and is that 'weirdness' something that has stuck with you still today??

Well the weirdness started from day one when I was given the name "Brock". I seriously felt like that immediately separated me from all of the David and Michael's of the world. And all through school, the kids in my class labeled me as "weird". I always just did everything the complete opposite of the way everyone else would do something in class. My creative writing was especially strange. The song "Zooton" on my Get Lurkey EP, is actually about a fictional planet I created in the 3rd grade for show and tell. I used to get up in front of the entire class, and show the kids pictures of my planet, and go on and on into minute details on how I came to live here on Earth, and what my space ship looked like. It took me a while to be proud of being different, but it's something that I've embraced to this day, and I think you can definitely hear it in my music.

Would you say you feel tied to or paying homage to South FL? If so why the commitment to this area when you have already traveled the world?

Well first off, I just plain love Florida! I was born in Miami, raised in Melbourne, went to college in Jacksonville, and have spent the past 3 years traveling around the world and being exposed to all different sorts of cultures and music. And I just really love club music, booty music, dance music, whatever you want to call it. And Florida is kind of the Mecca for Miami Bass and Dirty South Rap music, so why not keep it real, and do the white boy version of what has been, and always will be popular in this particular region of the world?

What are your long-term goals with MC G.O.D.? How do you imagine it all going down?

Long term goals would be to tour around the country as MC G.O.D., sell 1,000,000 downloads of my songs on iTunes, and do this full time. I'll always play the drums, because that's my first love, so I won't quit doing that. Playing the drums is my job, that's what I get paid to do right now and hopefully forever. I would ultimately love for my rap career to coexist with my drumming career, and experience the highest level of success in both fields.

And after some bomb ass Empanadas, a cup of tea, and a bit of scattered conversation we went back to our own individual days. Fate would have it that we’d run in to MC G.O.D. later that night at a lounge in downtown… drink in one hand, girl in the other… BLING!!!
- By Craig Chapman


Get Lurkey Ep (2010)



Widely considered to be one of the most controversial rappers in the entire Universe, MC G.O.D. was forever banished from his home planet, Zooton, in the year 1980. Lost, confused, and completely alone, he traveled throughout space searching for a race of beings that would truly appreciate his music. G.O.D. knew that he would have to find a planet that contained a society free of morality, law and order, and religious dogma. A world where sinners and criminals ruled over all, and the righteous and meek were thrown to the wolves. After thousands of light years of searching, he chose the planet Earth as his new domain. On Earth, G.O.D. discovered a world steeped in chaos and moral decay. A place where strip clubs were as common as churches, and drugs and alcohol flowed like the waters of a raging river. Although not perfect, he chose to remain on this planet, and set out on a musical quest to influence the people of Earth to lose there prudish behavior once and for all.