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McGuso is home Grown from the geographic near center of the Carolinas, originally hailing from the small town of York, SC. Brothers Phil and Kyle McGuffee (the "McGu"), who began their musical journey's from a young age on trumpet and drums respectively, began playing guitars and united with drummer Ben Caruso (the ''uso") after his family moved to York in the year 2000. Known by many names over the years including "crazy, funky, uncle", "fortyeyedtransparenttreemonkeys", "them chrontones", and "the heavy duty dudes" up to finally settling on MCGUSO in '05, have from very early on impressed listeners with their brotherly cohesion in music, solid beats and funky jams. McGuso's roots have extended through all the places we've called home over the year’s, from the garage and jam room in York(2000-2004), to the basement in Asheville (2005-2006), and to the shred shed in Rock Hill (2007), while playing music for the love of it and joy it gives each of us and developing an inner soul rooted sound. Now well experienced from years of dispersed gigs, jam sessions with friends, open mike nights, and strings of boisterous basement partys, McGuso has come to age. McGuso is also experienced at home recording allowing them to dabble in the thickest of dub tracks each member has blossomed in to capable multi-intrumentslist often spending time jamming on their collection of analog keyboards and organs together. This labor of love in the home studio has produced a back catalog of over thirty somewhat raw yet tasty tracks. Currently, we want to take the live sound to the streets to share the groove cultivated fresh from the cackalac fields for all to enjoy.


Cackalack Swing

Written By: McGuso

You got to get down with that Cackalack swing
you got to get down and you know what i mean.

yeah you know Cackalack

grey days grey, part2

Written By: mcguso

wake up and outside the sky is grey
get the feeling like your oh so far away
at this moment you got one decision to make
let it go, give it up, or percivere like barry grey
king of the universe, oh yeah

he lives on the highest mountain top
at the center of a galaxy
that i can't tell you the name of
'cause you'd want to go there all the time
and never leave

wake up and outside the sky is grey
realize that it comes from far away
king of the universe ol' barry grey
got that way by saying don't stop that train
because of gray days grey

you know i love
to picture barry grey
on his high mountain top
looking out from a far
to gaze upon a star
barry, thank you for
them gray days that push forward
to make me realize
life is worth living every day

chorus 2:
he lives on the highest mountain top
at the center of the galaxy
that i can't tell you the name of
'cause you would go there all the time

wake up and i thank ol'barry grey
because he let's me jam on his land all day
on the highest mountian in the highest range
at the center of the galaxy, mcguso's brain
oh yeah

chorus 3:
he lives on the highest mountain top
at the center of the galaxy
that i just told you the name of
now you can go there all the time
and never leave


very much unofficial releases.
McGuso EP - 2005
Thoughts from the Future- 2006
McGuso Halidaze '06- 2006
McGuso Halidaze '07- 2007
Free EP-2007

Set List

A Typical Setlist For McGuso Would Be Three 45 minute sets.
have over 70 originaltracks to choose from
a few in current rotaion are:
Jams 27/7, McGusoul, Colorful Gas Ball, Taking flight, Phil's Romp, Nessicto Burrito, Church, McGountry, Funkdog, River Flowin, Cheese lips, Room, Cackalac swing, feelin alright, A Feedback, McGusadellic, Bass Meadow, McGusic, Bouncy Ball, Soda Pop, Grey Days grey Pt. 1 and 2....

sometimes covers from:
Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Funky Meters.......just to name a few