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McIntyre Barnhardt


I am McIntyre Barnhardt. I am 13 years old and have been writing songs since I was 10. I am the lead singer and acoustic guitar player in a teen band in Mooresville, NC. My goal is to be a songwriter/performer in Nashville one day. Hope you like my song!

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This Is Who I Am

Written By: McIntyre Barnhardt

*This Is Who I Am*


Verse 1

I am someone who easily falls apart, pickin up the
pieces left behind, fittin them together ain’t the hardest
part but, keepin united, I’m fallin hard,
I’m fallin hard


This is who I am, and nothing can make me change,
this is who I a-am oh oh, this is who I am, and I should
be free to be me, this is who I a-am, and I don’t see no
opportunities for you to take a stand, no I don’t see no
possibilities, this is who I am


Verse 2
I am someone who uses hard judgment, lookin down upon myself, if I don’t deserve the things I’ve been givin, I lead myself to believing this is for someone else, for someone else




This won’t happen, I can’t be changed, this won’t
happen, I can’t be changed, I won’t be changed