Mc Jaz & Dolla

Mc Jaz & Dolla

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Dolla's creative musical creations and talkbox skills combined with Mc Jaz's catchy lyrics form a unique hip hop collaboration that stands out amongst the rest. Daring to be different, the duo caters for fans of all generes with their amazing ability to merge all types of music with hip hop.


MC Jaz:

12 years deep into the MC'ing game, MC Jaz has travelled nationally and internationally as Australias favourite party motivator. Most recently he hosted Australias first annual Urban Music Awards show in 2006. Jaz is a true crowd favourite, guranteed to turn any party out, he was voted #1 MC by industry heavyweights. A man of many characters, Jaz is currently in the studio preparing his official introduction to the recording industry with his debut mixtape album, "Skitzofrenic."


Being the new kid on the block, Dolla has already grasped the attention of the underground Hip Hop scene with his skills as a producer and writer. Utilizing his secret weapon, the TalkBox, Dolla has more recently stepped into performing for several artists worldwide including California natives, Shade Sheist & N.U.N.E, whos mixtape also featured 4 songs produced by Dolla himself. A qualified Audio Engineer, Dolla holds a diploma of Technical Production which he recieved at the prestigious SAE college in Sydney in 2006. Dolla is now preparing his debut album, "Intromental" to be released in 2008 showcasing his musical skills as a composer, writer, performer, engineer and producer.


song called - RATTLE
song called - CRAZY - (currently being played on 96.1fm)
remix called - WHERE YOU ARE (mixtape song using instrumental originally produced by timberland )

Set List

Set includes 3 songs as listed above
total set goes for approx 12 mins