MC Kitch

MC Kitch

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

I am MC Kitch, Your future entertainer.. I live to perform for the masses, with my positive vibes & my scorching talent for music.. Ready to take on any crowd with my arsenal locked and stocked for any occasion from MC, beatboxing, Harmonising, Rapping. I also created my own genre Electso! check it.


Electso music is the name I call my new sound of music which represent Electric soul spiritual music. This is a mixture of spiritual and soulful words and awareness combine with the street poetry of Hip hop, soulful spiritual lyrics of Roots Reggae with the fusion of future music of today. Dance, Electro, house, Drum and Bass, Dub step, Breaks, with the mixture to up lift the soul , body and spirit and mind.

My music is my ideas of keeping my roots and mixing with the music I play and perform today. I combine The old music which i grew up to and the new giving it the new fusion music, of LIVE,LOUD,DANCE on your feet music for the body , spirit and mind.

I present my new flavour of my spiritual music with spiritual words of Marley, Harmonica tunes and punch of Bob Dylin, Honour and awareness of Shakur with the reaction of Chemical Brothers Mix to create ELECTSO MUSIC.

M.C - Host/ Comparer .. - Motivational speaker .. - Reggae singer/songwriter .. - Hip-hop artist/ Beatboxer .. - Dance M.C/ breaks/ electro/house/dub step .. - Winner of MVMU “Best Song Writer” 2010 .. - Nominated Urban work of the year APRA MUSIC AWARDS 2008/2009.. (CITY OF DREAMS) M.D.P Joel Turner/Kno/C4 .. Co-writer for the Album .. Co-writer for (CITY OF DREAMS).. - Major Australian events and major Australian festivals/Nation/international..

Kitch is also taking over the club scene with the help of his partner in crime Verner... This highly raw crowd jumping duo is set to hit the market sharing the energy.. & passion worldwide. Currently residing at the Empire Hotel in Brisbane they .. have also performed at the GPO, Birdie Num Nums, Family & also interstate to .. Melbourne & Sydney. Here they are electrifying audiences everywhere they .. go with their unique style & sound..

. Kitch is presently involved in pumping up the crowds in Brisbanes nightclub scene. .. Known in most clubs as "MC KITCH" he is known for combining his beatboxing .. ability & flare for hip hop, Reggae with the elements of breaks & dance electro, Dubstep, house music.

Showcasing their amazing talents & combining their .. passion for their love of dance & hip hop, whilst entwining their gifts & reaching out.. to all in the clubbing scene with their unique sounds.

Work History.. I first got the break during the 2004 beatbox alliance try outs where I was handpicked .. to be one of eight people to perform in this amazing ensemble. Here is where I got the.. opportunity to do what I do best in front of over 1 million people at the .. Sydney Opera House & millions more watching from their homes... .. I have performed at some events including:.. Byron Bay Blues Festival 05.. East Coast Blues & Roots 05.. Melbourne International Music 05 .. Big Day Out 05 .. The Logies 05 .. Nova Pimp Party.. Brisbane/Sydney/Adelaide
Aria 06 after party.. Apra 06 Awards.. MTV 06 after party.. Microsoft Business Gig 06.. Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 06.. Australia Day Live 06.. Video Hits 06 .. Brisbane Festival 08.. Icon Festival 08.. Stereo Sonic Festival 08 .. Future Music Festival 08 .. BBQ Beats Festival 08,09.. Multicultural Festival 09.. The Dreaming Festival 09.. Harbour front Festival 09 Toronto. (Canada) .. BLAH BLAH BLAH Festival 09 .. - Number 1 on Triple J Unearthed.. - Number 8 Unearthed Dance Charts.. - ParkLife Festivals 2010.. - Invitation to perform .. at the 2010 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES.. -Winning THE “BEST SONG SONG WRITER” ..Award- 2010 MVMU( Music video mash up).. VIDEO HITS, NOVA 196.9, Quan Yeomans,- !!!(REGURGITATOR) Ground pictures, .. ALLEN MUSIC, Brisbane city council, Film Link ,kodak Film, Cutting Edge, THE EDGE,.. HK MUSIC, Strike Blowing, Griffith Uni.

I slowly emerged into the music scene taking my message of peace & hope to the world... I have been presently in demand as a motivational speaker for the .. Logan city council/ Logan Police, - where I have been spreading my word .. nationally and internationally to provide the youth of this generation my.. inspirational story of music. So far this has been extremely.. ..popular as I showcase my love for music and passion for life. .. Also going back to my roots of beat boxing I demonstrate how .. i turned my life around, and how many others .. can have that opportunity as well... .. - Local schools/ Canada native reserves/ Juvenile - Dream it up Concert


With my new style of music, I have three main songs that been getting air play and I also won APRA THE BEST SONG WRITER AWARD. I have also achieved the following:

Australia Idol 2004 Grand final
East Coast Blues & Roots 05
Melbourne International Music 05
Big Day Out 05
The Logies 05
Nova Pimp Party
Aria 06 after party
Apra 06 Awards
MTV 06 after party
Microsoft Business Gig 06
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 06
Australia Day Live 06
Video Hits 06
Nation Tour Of Australia
-* Nominated Urban work of the year APRA MUSIC AWARDS 2008/2009
Stereo Sonic Festival 08
Future Music Festival 08
BBQ Beats Festival 08,09
Multicultural Festival 09
The Dreaming Festival 09
Harbour front Festival 09 Toronto. (Canada)
BLAH BLAH BLAH Festival 09/ 2010
PARKLIFE Festival 2010
NUMBER 1 radio Triple J unearthed
NUMBER 8 radio Triple J Dance charts
I have received an invitation
Never say DIE TOUR 2011
New Ground Festival 2011
3D WORLD ISSUE 1057 MAGZ :MUSIC ARTICLE Street Press: kitch Wesche (M.C. KITCH)"NEW MUSIC ELECTSO Electronic Soul Music-2011
Electronic Vibes Festival- (Main Stage HOST/MC) 2011