Stirring, high-energy acoustic rock mixed with raw, soul-baring tenderness. McKenna emphasizes the quality of their content over the volume of their amps, in a performance that is as much interactive event as rock and roll show.


Our names are Ryan and Joel McKenna. We are brothers who have performed together on stage for almost ten years. Our show is based on explosive and interactive entertainment. We perform traditional pub songs, recognizable modern hits and fan-favorites from our own albums.

Every McKenna performance is inviting and full of energy. Each evening is carefully timed to bring each audience member together for a collective crescendo. This strategy is rooted in the pub culture. Every person should feel at home and among friends when they spend a night out. This encourages them to visit repeatedly and to participate enthusiastically. We work hard to create and maintain this atmosphere in every place we perform.

We have performed in almost every corner of Ontario and we are aggressively expanding an ambitious touring schedule. We have self-produced four full-length albums, a live concert DVD and a music video for our song Guinness for Two that has enjoyed radio airplay and repeated national television exposure on MuchMoreMusic. Our website, is constantly evolving and is seeing an ever-increasing level of involvement from our loyal and growing fanbase.


Fifty Cent Draft

Written By: Ryan McKenna

Break it up. Break it up or go all the way.
Speed it up. Speed it up. We don’t got all day.

My Grandpa and his Grandpa before.
A word is a bond and my heart’s double sure that Irish eyes still blow me away.

Start without me if you feel it’s time to leave.
But mark me, it’s pure rock and roll when a Celt sells his soul
for a squeeze and a laugh and a fifty cent draft.

Ante up. Ante up if you want to play.
Pony up. Pony up if you plan to stay.

Take her up. Take her up. I’ll put you away
Step right up. Step right up. I mean what I say.

Every Fourth Of July

Written By: Ryan McKenna

Give it over if you need to. Give it over if you like to roam.
Give it over if you need to. I’ll be coming home.

Every Fourth of July I get stoned.
‘Cause we’re living our life inside a cyclone.
But it’s alright, it’s alright. Whoa, whoa.
I’ll be coming home.

Tell the truth about the voodoo That you do to make a man your own.
‘Cause I am helpless to resist you. I’ll be coming home.

Here comes the Music to the rescue. How they judge you when the lies have grown.
Babe, I need a change of venue. I’ll be coming home.

I think I’ve finally made a breakthrough. You can’t see what I have not shown.
I don’t deserve you but I ache to. You’ve become my home.

Guinness For Two

Written By: Ryan McKenna

Here and now we are less than we were nearly yesterday. Death is a mystery to those left behind.
So we offer a chorus to those gone before us and one in particular shines.

So I’ll say hello to the girls that you know and they’ll laugh ‘till they cry over stories of you.
At a table for one I’ll recall all you’ve done and I’ll finish my Guinness for two.

Away, oh, away! A glass for one away.
Today, oh, today! The past is done today.

Well, they say when you lose any limb you could choose that surely you feel it, but surely it’s gone. In the same way, we know, up above we’ll be whole and our grand misadventures go on.

Though I miss you like burning, I don’t wish your returning, for you have gone on to joy evermore. And I’ll follow you soon for a life is a tune and together we’ll sing the encore.

Heya Woman

Written By: Ryan McKenna

Daddy is coming.
Who’s your daddy and is he good to you?
Daddy would be unhappy if he knew what I knew. That you can do what you do.

Heya Woman. Way you’re moving. I tell the truth when I say you’ve got it going on.
Heya Woman. Way you’re dancing. I’ll be damned if we don’t get it on.

Alright! You’ve got it going on.
Alright! We’ve got to get it on tonight.

Heya Baby. Way you lay be a sign that maybe we’re gonna play ‘till dawn.
Heya Baby. Way you lay be a sign that maybe you never want me gone.

I’m coming. Girl am I good to you?
I’m so happy that you can do what you do just for me and all the folks at home.

Heya Honey. When we’re done we are gonna come to a revelation.
Heya Honey. When we’re done we are gonna come to be one and only one.

My Feet Are On The Ground

Written By: Ryan McKenna

My feet are on the ground.

Thanks to the way you love me.
Thanks for the way you do.
Thanks for the way you love me.
And bring me peace of mind. We’re easy all the time.

I need your face around.

Just for the way it moves me.
Just for the way you do.
You must know the way you move me.
And bring new dreams to mind. And meaning to my time.

Talent To Burn

Written By: Ryan McKenna

I had talent to burn. So I burned it all. So no one would call on me.
I had bridges to burn. So I burned them all just to watch them fall behind me.

It’s cold out here.
Gather yourself to me. Let me be selfish.
I’m chilled to the bone. I need you here with me.

I had knowledge to burn. So I burned it all. Now I’m not responsible, Baby.
I had dollars to burn. So I smoked them all. Now the cancer crawls inside me.

I had a pile of letters to burn. I took them off the shelf. I couldn’t stop myself from crying.
I had your love to burn. So I burned it all. Now strange women crawl all over me.

I had third degree burns. But I faked them all just to make you fall in love.


Harlots and Savages
Make Love
Give the Man a Hand (as Father's Property)

Set List

There are two halves that make McKenna whole. You will likely require one or the other depending on what you are looking to hire.

1) Irish Pub Band - In the “Good-time Charlie/Pub Jockey” tradition, we also entertain with popular modern songs and originals mixed in.

2) Unsigned Rock Heroes Band - In the primarily originals show of modern Acoustic Rock and Soul our fans respond to music that is for and about them.

Typical Irish Show Set List:

Whiskey in the Jar
Wild Rover
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Barrett’s Privateers
The Night that Patty Murphy Died
Belle of Belfast (I’ll Tell My Ma)
Dirty Old Town
Black Velvet Band
I Used to Love Her Once
Unicorn (Green Alligators)
Seven Drunken Nights
Fiddler’s Green
The Humour is On Me Now
General Taylor

* Along with fun modern favorites like:
Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
What I Got by Sublime
Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn
And a humorous, acoustic version of Rammstein’s Du H