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Music is like a life-force to me. It has the power to heal, to inspire and accomplish so many things. I believe that one of the greatest things you can do is inspire people and music is such a powerful platform in which to achieve this. I'm sure we've all at some stage in our lives heard a song that moved us in such an overwhelming way that it touched our very souls.

Since I was young I've always loved performing. From the earliest days of being thrown on the stage and singing Michael Jackson songs in front of my primary school to performing at Melbourne's infamous night club Twister.

My earliest years were spent idolising artists like Lionel Ritchie, Bob Marley and MJ. I had a love of break-dancing which appeared evident at every birthday party I attended back in my hometown of Ghana (West Africa).

I'd always had a love for music and performing but it was not until I moved to Australia and commenced high school that I took the idea of performing as a career more seriously. At that stage I'd been in the Australian Boys Choir, however it wasn't until I auditioned for the school production singing a classic Jazz song 'As Time Goes By' that I started receiving attention and encouragement to follow a music career. As a result I was asked to join the school stage band. They performed Jazz music, a style I was already accustomed to and had a great love for. It was a great opportunity and humbling experience to sing with such fantastic musicians.

I performed with the school Jazz band throughout my senior years of high school along with a few solo performances at school concerts and in the corridors during wet days. Towards the final year I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to pursue a career as a singer.

The following year I was introduced to a couple of guys who shared my passion, Paul and Adz. I was asked to join them to see what we could produce as a musical composite, which became Track 5.

Joining T5 was truly an awesome experience. We went through a lot over the years and it allowed me to hone my skills through many talent quests, live radio performances, competitions and gigs. During 2005 we toured Europe and released a promo album independently through Spin Music.

At present i'm engaged in carving up the gig scene throughout the country and promoting my long awaited self titled solo E.P. Can't wait for ya'll to check it out!

In the final analysis I feel we have to do what truly makes us happy in life. I don't want to look down the track in 5 years time, no pun intended, and have regrets about not following my heart.

Peace out & keep it real!


You Could Be

Written By: Krishool Norgbedzie

Verse 1
All my life I've searched in vain
Long for fame, played the game
Had romances heartfelt true
but these things pale beside of you
As i walk through the night
Visions of us they come to light
You and i were meant to be girl
What i feel for you i can't ignore

You could be my day and night
You could be my ocean of life
I don't know whats on your mind
But dance with me and
I'll make you feel fine

Verse 2
Thoughts of you, plague my mind
Can't let go, wish you were mine
Spring to fall, seasons change
How i feel, remains the same
How can one I've never known
Capture me like no one before
You and i were meant to be girl
What i feel for you I can't ignore

Chorus X 2

Everything about you girl
Everything about your smile
How we use to reminisce
Thinkin about the way we'd kiss
How we use to ache, and break
and make and cry
Never thought i'd ever get the chance to be the guy
You could be the one to be the queen of my desire
You be the one to set alight my inner fire
How i wanna get with you between the sheets within the beats yeah baby take you to a place that's higher

How i'm lost for words to scribe your soul
Mine and yours together make it whole
Everything about you's more than life
Crazy but i hope you'll be my wife
I was the type of guy that played around
Yeah i know i was the type that threaded lines
But everything about my life has more than changed
so baby now I'm hopin you'll feel the same

Chorus X3

Set List

* Covers
Last Request
Save Room
Wherever You Will Go
I don't wanna be
Wild World
Love Stoned
(Use Sombody)
(Let me Love you)

Let me love you - Mario
Just a friend - Mario
I love, You love - John Legend
Summer Love - Justin Timberlake
American Woman - Lenny Kravitz
Again - John Legend
Super Dooper Love - Joss Stone
Right to be Wrong - Joss Stone
Save the Last Dance for Me - Michael Buble

Mess wid me
If you wanna role
Now you're her man
You Could Be
Indefinable You
Generation Why