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MC Lars

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Sometimes it just takes a mic, a laptop and a projector to rock you. MC Lars knows this, and he does it. One of the rising stars in the Nerdcore hip hop movement, Lars will make you realize just how much you've been needing songs about Moby Dick, stats class and embracing your own iGeneration.


It isn’t easy being a Post Punk Laptop rapper. You’re forced to lead a genre that doesn’t exist, navigate around cookie-cutter superstars, push yourself to make music unlike anything else on earth, and spend every penny of your own money to get it all done. You push the boundaries of DIY and give major labels the middle finger. You hope – and know – that this will be all worth it some day.

MC Lars is a member of what he dubs the “iGeneration,” a group born and raised in the time of the Ninja Turtles, cassette tapes and new wave music, who now live in the age of Desperate Housewives, Sidekicks and screamo bands. These are the kids who have grown up using the Internet as a part of their everyday life. They can conveniently carry 5,000 songs in their pocket, but are faced with the glooming fact that the world’s oil supply and Social Security will both run out in their lifetime. Lars has spent the past three years building this group of fans, performing around the world with nothing but his laptop and lyrics. He has sold over 13,000 albums to a dedicated group of misfits, allowing him to pulse the mainstream through unexpected outlets like Rolling Stone and MTV News.

A self-proclaimed Post Punk Laptop rapper, MC Lars is the hero of this new generation, addressing such subjects as music piracy, hyphy, hellish college roommates, and hipster girls.


Signing Emo

Written By: MC Lars

Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles...
"Marty, Marty listen to me.
Bring me something the kids will cry for
Get out there, and get us stoked!"
Meet Marty, major label A&R scout
Forty years old, gut hanging out
Red Ferrari, Marty living in L.A.
Bumps another line to get through the day
Dumped by his girl, he paid for her liposuction
His friends call him "Money," in his introduction
And Marty knows nothing but claims to know it all
Lose the flat screen TV if he drops the ball
You’re as good as your last hit, find the next big thing
If he doesn't bring the bling, his cell phone won't ring
What's the trend, what's new? What's a label scout to do?
Office life, Marty 11:32
The label pres. calls and yells, "Sign more emo!"
How about screamo? "If it sells, sign Nemo,"
"We're down 2%, and BMG knows,
My Daughter likes Dashboard, so get me one of those!"
He checks, the Scout and more
Yelling band names to his assistant through the door
The kids like this, who cares if it's great?
So he signs a band called Hearts that Hate
"Marty... we've got a hit!"

Cry tonight. My hands around your hands
I won't let you die tonight
Cry tonight. My heart's in your hands
I won't let you...

Hearts that Hate, Marty goes to their show,
Up in the club and here we go
Marty sees a girl in a Simple Plan shirt
With a Senses Fail boy, ha! that’ll never work
He finds his label friends in the corner they huddle
An emo cattle auction, they penetrate the bubble
They talk about Victory and signing TBS
Dissing the same bands they just tried to impress
So the lights go down, the crowd starts to scream
Hearts that Hate have hit the scene
Blake on vocals, and lead guitar
He does a backflip, "Look how different we are!"
They show up at the studio to record it
A TRL, Billboard Modern Rock hit
They auto-tune Blake, but he can't tell
He says, "I've got perfect pitch, damn I sing well"
ProTools, Logic, cut, copy, paste,
Quantized solos and quantized bass
Signed, sealed, delivered and sent,
Across the U.S. and the single went


Momentum builds, but it all caves in
Industrial comes back, the pres. needs a NIN
Marty finds a new band called "Fetal Coil"
And Hearts that Hate try to keep their fans loyal
They re-work their sound for album number two
As "Machines of Hate” but their career is through
They break up and work pushing mops and brooms
Blake gives guitar lessons in his living room
Blake gives guitar lessons in his living room
Blake gives guitar lessons in his living room
"Can you teach me track five Mr. Blake?"
"Hey, I wrote that song and it goes like this!"



This Gigantic Robot Kills (coming 2008)
"White Kids Aren't Hyphy" via iTunes (2007)
"Hipster Girl" via iTunes (2007)
The Graduate (2006)
Download This Song single (2006)
Signing Emo single (2006)
The Laptop EP (2004)
Radio Pet Fencing (2003)

*All albums from The Laptop EP on are available via iTunes, with rotating tracks available over MySpace.

Set List

Typically a 50-60 minute set. Some regulars:

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