McLemore Brothers

McLemore Brothers


A powerful mix of harmony, humor and heart.


Jon McLemore has been singing quartet music since he first learned he could carry a tune (around 1994 or so). He has worked with the Acappella Company, Go Fish, Four Shadow and Valor, and others. Mark McLemore is currently a piano performance major on scholarship and brings a great deal of studio expertise to the duo. Clay Butler sang bass for many years with the very popular college group Cornerstone. In addition, the McLemore Brothers are frequently joined on stage by some of the finest a cappella singers in the business.


Be Still

Written By: J. McLemore

I know all your fears and where you put your faith
Trusting only what your eyes can see
I know what keeps you up at night and hear each time you cry
I can take it all away

Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am God
I will never leave you
Never forsake you
Be still and know that I am God

You try to make your own way
Worry more every day
Never take the time to hear my voice
If you are walking by sight
You'll never see the light
I'm so much greater than anything you'll face


Son of the Most High God

Written By: J. McLemore

Holy One, Son of God
Left your throne for the guilty sod
Before you made the earth and sky
You knew you'd come and give your life
So every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
You are Lord Jesus

Son of the Most High God
Unto you the throne of David has been given
You shall reign forevermore

Guilty one, unworthy son
I took everything you gave and wasted it away
But when I came to my senses
and back to see
If you would take me in you ran to me
So on my knees I bow
With my tongue confess
You are Lord Jesus



Sunday Drive (2007)
NoJoe Red (2005)
NoJoe White (2004)
Jon McLemore (2000)

Set List

Bind Us Together
On the Edge
Be Still
I Sing Praises
Son of the Most High God
In the Light
My Rock
This World
God's Gettin Us Ready
Soon Be Done
It's Gonna Rain