Smoldering latin-influenced organic rhythm and soul. Catch-the-wave... feel-the-heat... dance-the-love... Cha-Cha.


“mcloone” is a collaborative effort by singer-songwriter/percussionist Steve McLoone, guitarist-songwriter Tom Williams, and producer/bassist Dik Shopteau. Other members of the group include Dave "Elwood" Williams on drums, Scott “Scooter” Nelson on congas and timbales and Bryan Rossi on keyboards. “mcloone’s” most recent CD release called “bossa-cha-nova-salsa” also includes performances by vocalists Ian McLoone, Cynthia Johnson and Sasha Gibbs. “bossa-cha-nova-salsa” was recorded and mixed at GoDikGo Studios in Minneapolis, and with Tom Tatman at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It follows Steve McLoone’s first release, Ultimasongs and second solo release Par-Doo!, all on Ultimasongs Records

The musical core of “mcloone” is essentially what was The Judd Group from Rochester, Minnesota. Steve McLoone, born in Waseca, Minnesota, together with the Judd Group, are responsible for more than 200 albums and national jingles written, performed and produced. The Judd Group recorded at Electric Ladyland in New York City and numerous other recording studios throughout the U.S. and Canada, and released 2 albums on ASI Records. Tours with REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Average White Band, The Beach Boys, John Denver, Todd Rundgren, Tina Turner, and many others, brought them success as national act openers and regional headliners while living in Pennsylvania, Florida, and later in Minnesota. Steve Mcloone's voice is also on the Minnesota Twins baseball team’s theme song “We're Gonna Win Twins”.


2007 - mcloone, bossa-cha-nova-salsa
2007 - mcloone, bossa-cha-nova-salsa "dance"
2003 - Steve McLoone, Par-Doo!
2000 - Steve McLoone, Ultimasongs