Mc Luvin

Mc Luvin

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA
BandPopHip Hop

On one hand, GYSTERE, «singer, songwriter, pianist, motherfucker», a mix between Lenny Kravitz and Freddie Mercury on acid. On the other hand, DRIXXXE, the B-boy. Famous producer and living sound library, he worked with Dany Dan, Yelle, and more…Together, they formed the duo Mc Luvin : real pop UFO.


Everybody seems to be talking about McLuvin these days. It’s not rap, for sure but it is nevertheless produced by Drixxxe, well known for his work with Triptik and Gystere member of the rap band Frer 200.

They don’t seem to have much in common, except maybe for the sunglasses. What the hell could they be doing together?

On one hand, there is Gystere self titled “singer, composer, panist, motherfucker” on his myspace. He’s kind of a crazy Lenny Kravitz who would have borrowed his style from Freddy Mercury doing drugs. Amongst many other things, Gystere was Canal +’s pianist and composed songs for Quinze, Doris, Thomas N’gijol, Valerie Deldago…
He says that his music is dedicated to alcohol, adultery, Piaggo Vespas LX50, ebay, Exxxotic Tatoos and Tin-tin Tatouages but also to Valerie Begue (Miss France 2008), Emule, Youporn, Windows Live Messenger, fast foods and Yoga Fire generation.

One the other hand meet Drixxxe. He began in 1994 when he started a band with Black’ Boul and Dabaaz: the great Triptik. For the next ten years they released several albums, always searching for new sounds and seeking freshness.
That’s when Drixxxe became a known name in the French hip-hop scene. His influence and musical culture are wide and that guy could talk to you about rap or funk as well as soul and jazz. Besides Triptik, he released mixtapes everytime he could and worked with La Caution, Mic Fury, Dany Dan, Yelle, Mokobe and the Svinkels.

That’s what McLuvin is: Gystere and Drixxe. You could mistake that name with a well known fast food restaurant and that would be a shame. You would miss their funky pop, making you feel like all your problems are gone.
English and American influence? Sure. But it is still very French, produced by two French guys raised in rap. Who would have guessed?

After two EPs released in May 2010 and June 2011, their videoclip Animal hit 60.000 views in a few weeks and their first album will be out next year.

Wanna dance? Be my guest.