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MC Psalmist

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Eternal truths for today’s generation: be transformed by renewing your mind!


MC Psalmist aka Mr. Church Gritty has been a staple in the gospel rap industry for over 12 years. He’s dedicated to seeing a Romans 12:1-2 relationship with God restored amongst His people (both in the church building and outside) by any means necessary. To combat the negativity so predominantly infused with the radio airways and the "too holy" versions of Christian rap that currently exist, MC Psalmist has adopted the alter-ego of Mr. Church Gritty: a straight shooting, slang talking, no nonsense Christian that speaks on everything he sees.

Hailing from Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Love – MC Psalmist is a co-founder of the United Coalition of Urban Ministers. Along with this important legacy, he has:

-won Hip Hop song of the Year in the 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest
-released 6 albums
-released 13 mixtapes
-produced over 500 beats for others
-pushed 25,000+ units out of his trunk with no formal distribution support.

He has seen the lives of thousands of people transformed through the Gospel message and is passionate about the work that needs to be done in the mission field of Hip Hop Culture.

MC Psalmist has been privileged to have opened for acts as: The Clark Sisters * Da Truth * Crossmovement * Slipknot * Philmont * R-Swift * Jehovah's Chosen

He was invited personally to Joel Olsteen's opening service in the former Houston Rocket's stadium and multiple Christian music festivals, both as a performer and a host.

One of the most competitive music contests in the world is The John Lennon Song Writing Contest, which is open to both amateur and professional songwriters. In 2011, Round 1 of the category was taken by the song “Have Plenty” by Red Baron and Round 2 was won by the song entitled “First Love” by MC Psalmist , whose own production company, 3Fifths Multimedia, also produced the Round 1 winning song!


Heart of Worship

Written By: David "The Psalmist" Liciaga

Heart of Worship Lyrics:

Verse 1:
In the late night LORD,
What's the heck a mic for?
I trip over mic cords,
my life is an eyesore.

I offered up offerings,
did it just like Cain,
LORD, but when You're here,
realize that's not what you came for.

King of endless worth,
sprung from the immaculate birth,
saw it in the beginning,
You'll see the death of earth.

No, I'm not worthy,
but here I am crying LORD,
a ram with it's horn in the thicket,
wasn't what You planned for.

I'll burn like incense on the mantle,
pray like a mantis,
won't be a fair weathered friend,
but a fanatic.

God, You're fantastic,
disinfect my sinful life,
like fantastic,
took the life of a bastard.

Yeah I got a pop's on earth,
but took the sins,
of my dad's dad dad,
and broke the family curse.

So it hurts when I'm here,
crying out to you LORD,
I'm dieing inside, burning alive,
it's what I'm here for.

I'm coming back to the heart of Worship,
and it's all about you, it's all about you Jesus.
I'm sorry LORD for the thing I made it,
when it's all about you, its all about you Jesus.

Verse 2:
In the early morning,
when I should be earnestly seeking your face,
I hit the alarm clock then I stay yawning.

Pray on my way to public transportation,
hardly giving you praise,
I forget the state of our nation.

I know I'll be confronted with situations,
that test the faithfulness of your servant,
without my master,
no way I'll make it.

I find I'm real when the Psalmist is mascaraed,
and I'm crying,
simplifying the process,
I just approach as David.

That's where the rubber meets the pavement,
got to get it done.
You sacrificed Him for my saving,
how'd you slay Your Son?

It don't make sense to me like a divided dollar,
You're worth more than the best Gucci suit,
the finest Prada.

Why bother with a peasant?
You're the highest King ever,
to be a servant for your Kingdom's sake,
it is a priceless treasure.

Beyond measure is your splendor,
if I was ever,
severed from your side,
kill me, can't be a Holy Spirit beggar.


Verse 3:
I want to be sacrificed like in Romans 12,
and want to be chastised,
my flesh hitting the belt.

Or the cat of 9 tails,
what they did to you let happen to me,
cause when I die the way you did,
I'll be right where you be.

Not saying that I'll be a God,
but consider me a royal generation,
person considered odd.

Let my blood blot the streets of Jerusalem,
I don't see how we loosing them,
could stay blood transfusing them.

God, just want to move in your power more,
withdraw more of Psalmist,
deposit more of LORD.

The word is a double edged sword,
more deadly than Samson's hand,
when it gripping up a donkey's jaw.

Heavy like an elephant's paw,
I saw the LORD,
seated on high,
angel's cry Holy, Holy, Holy LORD.

Like I said before,
I'm dirt and You're diamond,
unworthy here I'm crying,
heart of worship steady what I”m searching for.


Written By: D. Liciaga

Verse 1:
I'm Free like all jails was opened, like the sun in the sky, let its rays hit my skin and soak in; free like the speech that's spoken, yet within America's bounds I still see freedom broken; in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we underplayed Africans and we left them enslaved; free, opposite of fee, lot more to it than the rocafella emcee, come on now lets see; I'm free like shackles broken, handcuffs loosed, free like the though patterns of American youth; I'm free to choose life, free to choose death, free to land myself in jail if I freely use tek's; free like the air you breath, free like the health care all Canadians recieve, I'm free like gratis, reign over Hip Hop you free to try to stop me papi but your style too sloppy.

chorus: I'm free (chant)

Verse 2:
I'm free like buy one get one deals, my thoughts are free no pennys spent when I express how I feel; free like Assatta Shakur, free from sin, free as a Christian so I'm free to praise the LORD; free like blacks after the civil war, the fall of the ku klux and the Jim Crow laws; free to live impovershed and ghettoized, free to live in a warzone as the death toll rises; free like the sickness that I caught for free, but coorporations make money from the vaccine; I'm free to choose them or the generic brand, freedom of speech leads me to talk with slang; I'm free like scholarships you don't pay back, alwasy good to get free greenback, the facts are free: like your input, free like advice, free like opinions have mine free if you like.

Verse 3:
I'm free like bail is paid, free like the judge saw the case and he threw it away; I'm free like a flight bought with frequent flyer miles; call me McDonalds cause all my smiles are free; like a transfer no extra tokens, free like taxes for Indians, their own control them; zero partioned of zero is zero so listen, and since they pay zero in their current position they live free or die trying like New Hampshires slogan; give me liberty or death is what John Adams told them; free like the year of Jubilee cause every seven years, every servant gets free; and I'm a free man like the Jewish last name; and I'm a free man I ain't no Jewish man's slave; I'm a free man, I don't dwell in no chains; I'm a free man free from my old ways, I'm FREE!

First Love

Written By: David Liciaga

I need to get my first love back/
Hard to keep my mind on track/
But I know that we were meant to be/
You don't know what you mean to me//

Verse 1:
When I met you, 10 years old, bed time readings/
I knew that we would grow old and change like the seasons/
My dictionary, giving words new meaning/
Love wasn't love 'til I loved you in the evening/
Hard to believe it, we separated, we was pulled apart, I'm still bleeding/
My lungs ain't breathing/
Need CPR, air and platelets/
Need to stand by your side again like we're adjacent/
Let's face it, time wasn't kind, I'm so wrinkled/
Though I've been pressed 1 or 2 times it's simple/
I'm different from the boy you met 18 years ago/
I know the concept of change ain't atypical/
How do we accept growth, if we're growing further/
Apart and my hearts conceived hate and murder?/
Malice, it's dark like a sun spot/
And I want to live in a wonder world like Alice with you//

Verse 2:
On the real sometimes don't want to talk with you/
Knowing disappointment is a real issue/
And you've seen some the smeezes/
Smeezed on the weekend, left me sick like was sneezing/
Coughing, lining me up for a coffin/
Fevers that want to leave me dead like abortion/
Happened so often left my character altered/
Broke me down a dollar to 4 quarters/
But when I'm locked in closed quarters/
Remember your love every morning shown like Tom Joyner/
Still out of order like a broke down meter/
Rearranging love songs like "Have You Seen Her"/
Need to reconnect, lost our signal, changed my demeanor/
Dodged your calls like I moved onto the greener/
Grasses, 'til pipe smoke fogged my glasses/
And our distance grew like division of the classes//

Verse 3:
My excuse was can I live? I wan't to puff, puff, give/
I really want to live my life more like his/
Top down, icy, girls will like me/
Then maybe more people will want to be like me/
And I know its self centered/
Even my mentors saw my balance was thrown off center/
When I left you, its not like my needs stopped/
I was just rocked like a cradle on a treetop/
Needed to brace for embrace like my knees locked/
Need to get proactive to face when the beat stops/
Music to relate is pollution to a lake/
Goodness sakes, let it breathe, we can get through the mistakes/
If we try, not to imply it simples/
Cause lip service pops off from the mouth like pimples/
I was gone for a 5 like nickels/
But I'm back, just want to make you smile like dimples//


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