Buda, Texas, USA

Live DUB, Reggae, Electronics and Beyond... McPullish brings a unique sound to the reggae table. Rooted in a strong musical tradition, pushing the music forward, McPullish is the future of Live, Organic DUB. Mixed hands-on, live and direct, bringing DUB out of the studio and into venues worldwide.


"McPullish has managed to create an intriguing, original reggae sound, which truly differs from the commonly known modern roots reggae."
-Reggae Vibes Sept. 2008

"You need to be paying McPullish serious attention if you have any interest in modern roots and dub."
Woofah #3

McPULLISH is musician/producer Carson Hoovestol, who realized his sound after years of musical exploration, study, and practice in the art of Live Dub. Now based in Buda, Texas, McPullish operates a specialized music laboratory called Dub Cove Labs, where he plays guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, percussion, Roland TR-909, synths and more, with guests laying down horns, vocals and other instruments. McPullish mixes his tunes live and direct, using an Allen and Heath board, running the live instrument sounds from a laptop, and a table full of mostly analog gear. Luciano, Sylford Walker, General Smiley, Tippa Irie, Fantan Mojah, Mark Wonder, Murray Man, Ginjah, Lutan Fyah, Judge, JahnTI, Ninja Ford, Aimann Raad, Ken Serious, Jenn Ziemba, Remo and Chezidek are just some of the vocalists who have worked with McPullish in the studio and can be heard in his live dub sets. McPullish mixes his own songs live, with vocal and dub versions, as well as cover versions (re-licks) of classic reggae tunes (riddims) that he has re-built from scratch. The McPullish sound is 100% live instrument tracks, mixed and remixed live, bringing the sounds and experimentation of studio dub to a live performance.

He is available for booking as a solo LIVE DUB act, as a duo with collaborator and world-renowned dub master Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem and also with various vocalists as a duo or trio, please get in touch for more details.

McPullish has performed live with, opened for and collaborated with many great artists and bands including Easy Star All Stars, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Mad Professor, the Delfonics, General Smiley, Bush Chemists, King General, Contra Coup, Lloyd Hemmings, Aisha, Miniman, Grimy Styles, the Bandulus, King Shiloh Soundsystem, Mystic, DJ Chicken George, Killah Priest, Murray Man, Dr Dubbist, Jahn TI, Don Chani, Dub Gideon, DOJO, and many more.

Spontaneous and engaging, McPullish operates with his own distinctive sound and boatloads of original music, sounds for deep listeners, reggae fanatics, and all those ready to move on the dancefloor.

McPullish has performed live dub sets all over the USA, in France, Netherlands, Germany and traveled to the Gambia for a performance at the 1st annual Back to Africa Festival in January 2012.


McPullish releases on CHARLIE'S RECORDS :


MCPULLISH Colorado Springs Blackout / Dub Inna Tesla Stylee (2005)
MCPULLISH Creation version / Dub Evolution (2006)
RED LION Zion High / MCPULLISH Zion Dub (2007)
CHEZIDEK I Won't Change / MCPULLISH Dub Change I (2008)
FANTAN MOJAH Hold Dem Heads / MCPULLISH Aerophonic Dub (2008)
LUCIANO Just Hold On / MCPULLISH Just Dub On (2008)
Version (2010)
LUTAN FYAH Ras Always / MCPULLISH Different Sequel Dub (2010)
MARK WONDER Explanation / meets MCPULLISH Explanation (Acapella Dub mix) (2010)
(June 2010)


McPullish- 920 Degrees (2002)
McPullish- Echo Lake (2002)
McPullish- Collection One (2003)
McPullish- Snowy Owl Dub (2004)
McPullish- Barn Rockers (2005)
McPullish- Dub Harvest (2006)
McPullish- Standing Outside Babylon (2007)
Various Artists- Back To Mt Zion Riddim feat. Luciano, Chezidek, Fantan Mojah, and more (2008)
McPullish- Totalmente Ensamblado (2010)
McPullish Encounters the Bandulus in the Ska Dub Zone (2010)
Melted Speaker Dub : McPullish meets Dub Fanatic (2010)
Various Artists- Natty Riddim feat. Lutan Fyah, General Smiley, Mark Wonder, Judge, Aimaan Raad and more (2010)
General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove (2011)

McPullish releases and dub work for other labels:
Roots of Dub Funk part 6 compilation on Tanty Records UK label (Track : Dub from Creation aka Creation version ) 2007
ATX Wildfire Sampler 2011
Wildfire Reggae and Arts Fest Sampler 2012
Reggae Against Landmines Vol. 3
(Track: Indiscriminate Killing Dub) 2012
Around the World in Dub 2012 Compilation

McPullish has worked on mixes, dub versions / remixes for Contra Coup, Echocentrics, Ken Serious, Brownout, the Bandulus, Grimy Styles, General Smiley/ Ruff Company Records artists, Solo Banton, Dub Gideon, Dub Fanatic aka Johnny Horn, Echorise, Dub Rectifier, Jahn TI, Alborosie, and many more.

Set List

Over one hundred original songs in McPullish's live repertoire featuring vocals by

McPullish performs a wide range of sets, and no 2 shows ever sound the same due to the live, improvised nature of his DUB mixes. His live sets consist of mostly original music, occasionally reworked versions (relicks) of classic reggae riddims, always LIVE DUB.