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Buda, Texas, United States | INDIE

Buda, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde




"McPullish -Dub Harvest CD Review from Dub Flash Webzine"

McPullish is an underground dub producer from Colorado, USA. He has released three CDs and one 7" (see review) already and it's about time that he gets attention from the Dub Flash crew. He plays all instruments live by himself and mixes them ina classic analog dub style which makes his music sound much more related to Jamaican roots than to European styles but nevertheless, his style is rawer than many other (lightweight) US dub releases.
And that is mainly because of his wicked bass sound. When the first song ("Dubbelweissen") starts and the bass fades in it's like BOOM and you look surprised, unbelieving, and then are happy to hear such a bass sound. Wow! Hard to believe that this is just a live played bass with some digital dubbing (here meaning: reworking).

10 tracks are not too many but quality is more important than quantity, isn't it. And when being minimalist like the original dubs were, then less is even better, right. People who love original dub sounds, will be very happy when they hear this song. One can hear the analog production techniques and in a way I could imagine that the good old 70s Jamaican dub producers would make similar music nowadays if they would still use the same equipment.

Raw, deep and crunchy are just some adjectives I would like to throw in here. Like crisp cornflakes which slowly melt in a bowl of fresh milk and you put them in your mouth and they make this funny noise, you know what I mean.

A "problem" of this album is that the by far best tune is right away the opener. Me at least, often skip back to the first song again just to enjoy this tough bass there and so I hardly ever make it to the end of the album although the other outstanding tunes come more at the end ("Man Dub" and "Irradiated Moth Dub") (these titles!). For true old-school dub fans I highly recommend "Harvest & Version". That will remind you of the good old days when you were still young... (sorry, just kidding)

"Dub Harvest" is a good deal for everyone who likes original dub sounds with a fresh feeling.
- Dub Flash (7-04-2006)

"Ernie B's Description of Red Lion / McPullish Zion High 7" 45"

Wicked tune! Nice DJ style with a catchy dubwise riddim. Just so you know, McPullish plays all REAL instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keys, synth, percussion. We give this record an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. -

"McPullish -Dub Harvest CD review from The Beat Magazine"

Dub Harvest CD (Charlie's)
review by Chuck Foster

The first question on listening to McPullish, Dub Harvest : Night Owl Dub part 6 (Charlie's) is where are parts one through five? The second question for me is always"what are these dubs of"? Is there a vocal or dj album lurking behind these sturdy constructs? Contradictions abound: the drums are mechanical, the bass is implied, all the effects and delay are brought to play on the guitar and keyboard as though only part of the dub were floating through the universe and the rest just plodding along, and the dubs themselves are all summer sunshiny (naturally harvested after midnight in the fall) but the back flap photo shows the sole member of the band standing with melodica in the snow. In a few cases (like "man Dub") it sounds like he was recording while still figuring out what all the buttons on the board did. He's at his best when he throws all the rules out as he does on "Version," dropping the bass and drums completely and riffing with delay on the keys to build a kind of rhythm fugue that passes beyond seasons and time. McPullish (AKA Carson Hoovestol) gives thanks in his notes to the dub originators but follows his own path here: it is his greatest resemblance to his forebearers.
( - The Beat vol. 25 #23 2006

"McPullish -Colorado Springs Blackout 7" 45"

review of 1st McPullish 7"45 from Dub Flash (

"Colorado Springs Blackout" 2005

McPullish is a quite unknown dub producer from the USA. This 7" does a good job in making his name more popular. Because it's a completely wicked tune that he offers us here. A dark, deep and fast stepper. With live guitar flavour and crazy effects.
The version "Dub Inna Tesla Stylee" is even heavier. When the distorted bass fades in after a long introduction, accompagnied by the steppers beat, then it's a pure feeling of "boom".

5 stars for sure. Rough and tough is the style we like the most. Check for more info. Read more about McPullish in my other review.
- Dub Flash

"McPullish - Dub Harvest CD Review from Interboro Rock Tribune"

Dub Harvest: Night Owl Dub Part 6 (Charlie's)
Those crazy Birkenstock hippies out there in Denver, CO
are quite a bunch, aren't they? Not all of them, however,
pretend to be championship snowboarders and drive around
in Range Rovers listening to Phish's Hoist with a $50 pair
of North Face jeans on their fat asses. Some of them, like
our man McPullish here, are more content blazing mad
trees in a cabin in the woods and creating some of the deepest,
dankest dub we might have ever heard coming from
a caucasian. This is the Rocky Mountain high true heads
have been waiting for! –Chester A. Arthur - IRT

"McPullish and Various - Back to Mount Zion Riddim CD review by Reggae Vibes"

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

No matter whether it's a label, producer or artist, it's always good to check a new name in the reggae arena. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing but a total waste of time, but occasionally you run into a worthwhile discovery. The latter goes for the one riddim cd "Back To Mount Zion Riddim" on Charlie's Records. McPullish -- the one who produced, played and mixed the riddim -- has managed to create an intriguing, original rootical reggae sound, which truly differs from the commonly known modern roots riddims.

McPullish (real name Carson Hoovestol) began in Seattle in 2002, spent 3 years stationed in Denver, Colorado and is now based in Austin, Texas where he operates his studio, the DUB Compound. McPullish, who plays drums, bass, guitar, keys, synth, melodica, percussion and whatever else is within reach, has been recording original compositions since the age of 12 and worked on a variety of productions all over the musical spectrum before becoming a certified DUB maniac. His compositions are played in real time, usually the first take, and never sequenced or quantized in a computer. This process gives McPullish a unique, signature sound that stands out from the "computer dub" crowd and the typical roots reggae sound.

The hypnotizing riddim track with its sparkling drum patterns, grooving bass line, and skanking keyboard parts, grabs you from the very first moment and then keeps your ears occupied for a long time. With additional vocals and lyrics of well respected conscious artists like Chezidek, Luciano, Fantan Mojah, and Ginjah (also don't wipe out talented newcomers such as Judge, Red Lion, and Aimann Raad), listening to this album is a real treat. In particular Fantan Mojah's strong "Hold Dem Heads", Luciano's matching "Just Hold On", Chezidek's solid "I Won't Change", Ginjah's powerful "Give Thanks", and Judge's "Education" are worth of hearing. Besides that it's great to listen to tracks like "Aerophonic Dub", featuring Timmy Garofalo's wicked saxophone work, and the haunting "Zion Dub".

Even though we have given this one riddim set repeated listens, it's still a joy to hear it again!

-Reggae Vibes
Aug 26, 2008 - Reggae Vibes

"McPullish -Standing Outside Babylon CD Review by Dub Flash"

A Review of MCPULLISH Standing Oustide Babylon : NIGHT OWL DUB 7 from DUB FLASH McPullish comes with his 7th part of the Night Owl Dub series. This time he surprises with very unusual (and unreggaeesque) riddims: abstract – and sometimes even hectic – beats combined with killer basses (incredibly low frequencies!) plus very dry and minimalistic instrumentals. Very cool music. The bass surely is one of the most interesting ones I have ever came across. In “Dub Pointilism”, it’s version “Do Not Enter: Babylon” and “Uffdub” the bass is so majestic that you feel like bowing down in front of it and getting on your knees. No kidding. It’s just an amazing feeling when this bass comes out of the speakers like thunder. It makes you go “uff”, that’s why the title. ;-) Boom! After these tunes, McPullish chills out with a sound atmosphere experiment (without music) called “Helios Dub” before he gets heavy with some steppers (“Colorado Springs Blackout” + a massive version – previously released on a 7”) and finally cools down again with “Outside Babylon Dub” featuring some awesome outer space ice-cold keyboard synths. You know, one of these sounds where you put a microphone just about the Sirius star in order to record the sounds of the universe. That’s what dub is about, too, right? 4 stars without a doubt. Nice one. Check -

"Back To Mount Zion Riddim Review by Selectah Jay"

There are two things to note when listening to an album like this: How good is the rhythm? It should grab you right away and this one definitely does with its heavy grooving analog bass line, skanking keys, and skittering drum pattern. The Back To Mount Zion riddim is one of those that sounds familiar, like an updated Linval/Junjo era Roots Radics riddim, but isn't. Pure fire and 100% original.
The second thing to note is the artist to artist comparison. Like a scientist in a controlled experiment, you can evaluate the skill of each artist as they take their shot at the riddim. Here, the album proves that Luciano, Chezidek, and Fantan Mojah (who is absolutely blazing on "Hold Dem Heads") are deserved international reggae superstars while the likes of Red Lion, Judge, and Aimann Raad are talents on the rise.
A unique thing about Back To Mount Zion Riddim is that we are treated to 4 dubs (typically there are 0-1). The pick of the dub litter being the flute-augmented "Just Dub On" which elevates far beyond the timberline. All in all, a very strong effort from Austin's premier dubbist.

-Selector J, When Roots Attack!
KVRX, 91.7FM
- When Roots Attack !

"MCPULLISH / RED LION 7" Review from Dub Flash"

Like on his current longplayer, McPullish from the USA provides a different sounding riddim with unsual kinda abstract beats, combined with deep dub grooves (bass, skanks) and a good toast by Red Lion. I love it when the bass goes up an octave for a moment. Great alternation.
His last 7" was a very dark and heavy stepper, this one is something completely different. But it went straight into my head, especially because of the bassline. It's about time that I can say that a tune fleshes me because of the bass. Party bass it is. I see the people making all kind of weird movements to this song on a dancefloor. All with a smile on their face. Except the roots purists maybe. But that's their problem, isn't it. We have fun!

"WOOFAH Review of Back to Mount Zion"

Tough compilation of tunes previously released on 7" (and probably still available in that format if you are quick!). McPullish provides great yard-style rootical production - a bit of wobble on the bass, intricate percussion and un upful keyboard skank. Outstanding vocal performances propel this from "wicked" into "essential" territory. Luciano's soaring voice reminds us to stick to the path of righteousness whilst Fantan Mojah is forthright and aggy in his denunciation of wrong-doers. red Lion MCs on the subject of soundsystem being a vehicle for H.I.M.'s message and Ninja Ford chants down the badmen. One riddim albums can get dull, but McPullish avoids this through sheer graft and craft. It helps that the riddim is great to begin with but little extra touches are added to individual tracks to keep your interest up. this is especially evident on the four dub versions which are excitingly varied. Indeed, it is a breath of fresh air hearing a riddim being pushed in so many different directions. You need to be paying McPullish serious attention if you have any interest in modern roots and dub.

Woofah #3
2008 - WOOFAH magazine UK


McPullish releases on CHARLIE'S RECORDS :


MCPULLISH Colorado Springs Blackout / Dub Inna Tesla Stylee (2005)
MCPULLISH Creation version / Dub Evolution (2006)
RED LION Zion High / MCPULLISH Zion Dub (2007)
CHEZIDEK I Won't Change / MCPULLISH Dub Change I (2008)
FANTAN MOJAH Hold Dem Heads / MCPULLISH Aerophonic Dub (2008)
LUCIANO Just Hold On / MCPULLISH Just Dub On (2008)
Version (2010)
LUTAN FYAH Ras Always / MCPULLISH Different Sequel Dub (2010)
MARK WONDER Explanation / meets MCPULLISH Explanation (Acapella Dub mix) (2010)
(June 2010)


McPullish- 920 Degrees (2002)
McPullish- Echo Lake (2002)
McPullish- Collection One (2003)
McPullish- Snowy Owl Dub (2004)
McPullish- Barn Rockers (2005)
McPullish- Dub Harvest (2006)
McPullish- Standing Outside Babylon (2007)
Various Artists- Back To Mt Zion Riddim feat. Luciano, Chezidek, Fantan Mojah, and more (2008)
McPullish- Totalmente Ensamblado (2010)
McPullish Encounters the Bandulus in the Ska Dub Zone (2010)
Melted Speaker Dub : McPullish meets Dub Fanatic (2010)
Various Artists- Natty Riddim feat. Lutan Fyah, General Smiley, Mark Wonder, Judge, Aimaan Raad and more (2010)
General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove (2011)

McPullish releases and dub work for other labels:
Roots of Dub Funk part 6 compilation on Tanty Records UK label (Track : Dub from Creation aka Creation version ) 2007
ATX Wildfire Sampler 2011
Wildfire Reggae and Arts Fest Sampler 2012
Reggae Against Landmines Vol. 3
(Track: Indiscriminate Killing Dub) 2012
Around the World in Dub 2012 Compilation

McPullish has worked on mixes, dub versions / remixes for Contra Coup, Echocentrics, Ken Serious, Brownout, the Bandulus, Grimy Styles, General Smiley/ Ruff Company Records artists, Solo Banton, Dub Gideon, Dub Fanatic aka Johnny Horn, Echorise, Dub Rectifier, Jahn TI, Alborosie, and many more.



"McPullish has managed to create an intriguing, original reggae sound, which truly differs from the commonly known modern roots reggae."
-Reggae Vibes Sept. 2008

"You need to be paying McPullish serious attention if you have any interest in modern roots and dub."
Woofah #3

McPULLISH is musician/producer Carson Hoovestol, who realized his sound after years of musical exploration, study, and practice in the art of Live Dub. Now based in Buda, Texas, McPullish operates a specialized music laboratory called Dub Cove Labs, where he plays guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, percussion, Roland TR-909, synths and more, with guests laying down horns, vocals and other instruments. McPullish mixes his tunes live and direct, using an Allen and Heath board, running the live instrument sounds from a laptop, and a table full of mostly analog gear. Luciano, Sylford Walker, General Smiley, Tippa Irie, Fantan Mojah, Mark Wonder, Murray Man, Ginjah, Lutan Fyah, Judge, JahnTI, Ninja Ford, Aimann Raad, Ken Serious, Jenn Ziemba, Remo and Chezidek are just some of the vocalists who have worked with McPullish in the studio and can be heard in his live dub sets. McPullish mixes his own songs live, with vocal and dub versions, as well as cover versions (re-licks) of classic reggae tunes (riddims) that he has re-built from scratch. The McPullish sound is 100% live instrument tracks, mixed and remixed live, bringing the sounds and experimentation of studio dub to a live performance.

He is available for booking as a solo LIVE DUB act, as a duo with collaborator and world-renowned dub master Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem and also with various vocalists as a duo or trio, please get in touch for more details.

McPullish has performed live with, opened for and collaborated with many great artists and bands including Easy Star All Stars, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Mad Professor, the Delfonics, General Smiley, Bush Chemists, King General, Contra Coup, Lloyd Hemmings, Aisha, Miniman, Grimy Styles, the Bandulus, King Shiloh Soundsystem, Mystic, DJ Chicken George, Killah Priest, Murray Man, Dr Dubbist, Jahn TI, Don Chani, Dub Gideon, DOJO, and many more.

Spontaneous and engaging, McPullish operates with his own distinctive sound and boatloads of original music, sounds for deep listeners, reggae fanatics, and all those ready to move on the dancefloor.

McPullish has performed live dub sets all over the USA, in France, Netherlands, Germany and traveled to the Gambia for a performance at the 1st annual Back to Africa Festival in January 2012.