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DJ Zefil
buktad a projektet 2001,
smoke some aerobic 2002,
2003,carribbean mix
2006,boodclaath mix
2007,booty fiesta mix

MC Ron:
West Turf presents:Nationwide Networkin with such artist like:Yukmouth,The Game,MC Ron&Mr.Loco with assasin,and many more...

Doggelito El Superclasico
Doggeltio feat MC Ron,Vicky -Smala Dagar



About MC RON&Wize Guyz Global
This is The Life Of MC Ron: - You know how it is: You’re fourteen years old and you start writing lyrics, just for fun, and growin up in the hood and rap about your life and the things you see . I think a lot of people do that in that age. But then I suddenly realized that: ”Hey, this is what I wanna do! This, I gotta keep doing!”. MC Ron,aka Ron, started writing on a more serious level at the age of eighteen. His first real inspiration he derived from the town where he was born – Malmö,040 Sweden - more specifically a part of Malmö called Fosie. - I grew up in Rosengård, you know. Then I moved to Hungary for a couple of years, thinking I would like it better there. But now, as you can see, I am back where I belong! Back in Fosie, he says with a smile. MC Ron has certainly been around; done a lot of things for guy his age. He claims that it all started back in 2003. - Yeah, that’s when I started to perform for an audience for real. A group called the Multiple Styles, a breakdance group, where I supported as a rap-artist, we toured Skåne and that’s when I first began feeling like a true performer, a true rap-artist. - That was just the beginning of things. Now it all started to roll, and fast. - Well, in 2004, me and Multiple Styles performed at the 10:th anniversary of Tattoo Expo, and the next thing I know, me and DJ Da Silva are performing at the Fosie Star Night in 2005. But the really big thing came in 2006, when MC Ron, Mr. Loco from California and DJ Ying from Compton California created the Wizeguyz Global Movement. - This thing is the real deal, MC Ron says with a grin. - Right now, this community is located all over the world – from Romania, Finland and Hungary, to New York, New Jersey,California and Sweden,Slovakia, and many more..! And to think of it it, it all happened when I took a trip to the states in 2006. On this trip MC Ron and his partner MR.Loco started working with DJ Pimp and Habitt, a work that led to MC Ron and MR.Loco featuring on a DVD-documentary made by Black Marv. - Then we made a song together with 2Pac’s former producer Assasin from Life or Death. The song, ”True to the Game”, that featured Mr. Loco was included on an anthology-album called ”Nationwide Networking”. - A lot of other people contributed to that album, guys like The Game, Yukmouth and many others from The States. - 2007 was a busy year for me; I performed with Beatnuts, with MC Göz and DJ Zefil (who’s like legend with fourteen years in the business and among other things has performed as warm-up for Snoop-Dogg). - I toured Hungary and did gigs with people like Vinyl Warriors; two of the most famous DJ:s in Hungary – And artist like Artos Csaba and Animal Cannibals,DJ Gerysson. I did a warm-up act for Naughty by nature with MC Göz, Artos Csaba and DJ Györemix. What it all comes back to in the end is the love of the music and the respect you must show the audience, a vision (or a statement if you will) MC Ron knows all too well isn’t allways shared by other musicians in this genre. - In 2007 me and MC Göz, Doggelito and El Primo performed on a concert in Hungary. Then Nas, this well known Rap-artist, was supposed to follow us. But the audience, several thousand people, waited in vain. He never showed up. Instead he just sat in his hotel room, and did nothing… I mean, this just shows what some of the poeple in this business are there for, he says with contempt. Then he smiles again and says with a grin: - I guess, he got what he deserves and now there’s not many left who listens to what he has to say. Just shows you that there’s no point in being a fake. If you’re in, you gotta be in for real, and never forget where you came from!!! Back in Sweden he and the swedish rap-legend Doggelito, from The Latin Kings, did a song together with Vicky for Doggelito’s solo album ”El Superclasico”. The song called ”Smala Dagar” (”Thin Days”), was a hit with the audience and the critics. It led to a performance on the swedish television show ”Bobster”, where MC Ron, Doggelito and El Primo made an appearance. In 2008, a hungarian Playboy- playmate, Dundika and her record company Karmatronic Records, contacted MC Ron. They wanted him to feature on her debut-single. - The music video went all the way to 3:d place on the hungarian video-chart Viva and came second on the hungarian hip-hop site, and playdit alot on the Hungarian MTV. Not to shabby, MC Ron adds. - I mean, this company, Karmatronic, have worked with artists like Beyoncé, John Legend and Kelly Rowland, so I felt really flattered when they asked me to participate on that song. This marks the beginning of a lot of appearances for MC Ron. He capped it all in 2008 with a tour in Sweden, together with Doggelito, El Primo and played stages in Stockholm, Uppsala and Söderhamn. - Then it was off to Hungary again and a performance at the Offline Sports in Budapest, OSG9, together with MC Göz and DJ Zefil for a crowd of 10 000 and in decem