MC Rota (of The Nocturnals)
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MC Rota (of The Nocturnals)

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Thriving Hip Hop In Chi Town"

If “hip-hop is dead,” no one got the memo in Chicago, where MCs, DJs, producers, and promoters continue to create great tunes and great events.

MC ROTA: [featured video] - Performer Magazine

"Mixtape Love: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, Next Time It's Personal and The Criterion Collection"

Last but certainly not least, i found the Nocturnals somewhere in my interwebtial travels of late. i downloaded it from Rap Reviews, but as you can see from the link, background info is sparse. Google turned up a post that eventually linked to a MySpace page, so, sadly, once you follow that link, you know as much as i do about the band. Since the Interwebs have failed us so miserably here, i guess this cat is WAY underground. Substrata, perhaps? Regardless, while his samples are much harder to place than those previously mentioned, they are no less ill, not by a long shot. His harder to place choices make for some dope beats, and that's all that really matters, right? - Les Enfants Terribles

"Free Music Friday: MLK Jr. Birthday Edition"

If you're looking for the latest hip-hop to blow out of the Windy City (Chicago, that is), then this record is the answer. The Nocturnals, composed of the dirty deep-voiced MC 'rota and abstract producer Lucca, brings you the hip-hop feel of the city that is certainly authentic. Check this one out! -

"The Wicker Park Cypher, Part 2"

See Video Attached - IMFlashy Magazine

"Top Milk - Features About New Artists and Recent Releases"

The Nocturnals are MC Rota and Beatsmith Lucca. They stay up too late drinking coffee and geeking out on hip-hop (hence the name) and have now completed the follow up to their 2009 mixtape "This time it's Personal" The result "To Be Continued" is every bit as nerdy, covering subjects like sexual neurosis, gentrification, the problem of evil, and chatbots. - MC Milk-Plus

"Free Music Friday: Revolution 9ine Edition"

The night is on the mind of the Nocturnals, as they prove to create some dope hip-hop tracks that should be only bumped in the night. It's okay if you also bump it in the day, though. Here it is with "To Be Continued..." -

"To Be Continued...By The Nocturnals"

Like a pleasant FB stalk from that chick you made out with your junior year at that one party where you were rolling your face off, i recently heard from The Nocturnals, a Chicago-based hip-hop duo i’ve been digging for more than a minute now. Not that the Nocturnals and i ever hooked up, i’m just really good at really bad similies.

i’ve been trying to come up with something profoundly witty to say about this one, but, plain and simple, i just like it. There’s something about the flow and cadence of spitter Rota that is downright hypnotic to me. And producer Lucca makes beats that are fun, which, quite frankly, is missing from too much hip-hop these days. Who else samples two chatbots arguing with one another? Track names like “I Want To Have Sweet, Sweet Hate-Sex With Sarah Palin” and “Jews & Gay Babies” cement the notion that these cats are here to have a good time. And while the guest stars may or may not be names with which you’re familiar (Young General, Adrienne Nadeau, and Sara), they certainly do their individual duties and make a strong album that much stronger. Sure, the sound is a tad muddy here and there, but that’s part of the allure of DIY music, isn’t it? Standout tracks for me include “Sweet Home” and “I Miss My Innocence.” Check ‘em out yourself before you go cop the entire CD for free. - Odd Bloggings


2010 - Next Time It's Personal - Featured on, Les Infantes Terribles, OddBloggings,, Songs About Radios

2011 - To Be Continued - Featured on, Performer Magazine, OddBloggings,,,,



MC Rota and beatsmith Lucca are The Nocturnals. They grew up childhood friends, with Lucca messing around on computers and MC Rota reading Shell Silverstein. They listened to Chicago hip-hop radio, B96. Then Lucca started listening to Dilla, El-P, and Portishead. Rota started listening to Aesop Rock, Leonard Cohen, and the Roots. Lucca started writing beats. Rota started writing over beats. The two started recording in Lucca's basement. Lucca moved to L.A. and got his name out as a top rate under ground producer. Rota went to law school, graduated, and started providing free foreclosure defense for legal aid. He kept writing rhymes. Lucca keeps making beats. Rota keeps rhyming. They stay up late.