Michael Cruz, from NY has been recording and performing as an alternative rock artist for many years. Now on his new project "40 DAYS PRODIGAL", a big modern rock project, M-Cruz brings his fans a big sounding guitars, keyboards and percussion accompany songs and themes of his personal journey.


M-CRUZ ( ehm-krooz )

Michael Cruz, singer, songwriter and musician from New York has been recording and performing as an alternative rock artist for many years. Poet Billy Lamont recently performed as the opening act for M-Cruz's 40 Days Prodigal CD release party. Billy said, "He is a long time friend. I have had the honor of collaborating with Michael in the band Walk On Water and in the making of the music video "A Game Of Chess With Love" with film maker/MTV's Paul Andriello." He also stated, "M-Cruz is an excellent street level artist with a servant/leader heart for people and a professional as a performer and Producer."

Now on his new project "40 DAYS PRODIGAL", a big worshipful modern rock project, M-Cruz steps up to bring his fans a whole new sound with enhanced production. Big sounding guitars, keyboards and percussion accompany Songs and themes of his personal journey. Currently M-Cruz is out performing for his new release 40 Days Prodigal. Recently Michael filmed the music video in New York for the song 40 Days Prodigal. The video was filmed and directed by Rob Merkle. James Van Nostrom also interviewed Michael for the Gospel Explosion show in New York.

When we take just a glimpse inside Michael's journey this is what he says "My career as a musician started many years ago. I have had the privilege to work with Producer Brian Hardin of Nashville, TN. Brian Hardin produced my Industrial songs Eyes Shed the Tears/BMI and Look of Grace/BMI, which received national airplay. I was also the keyboardist to the industrial band The Way Sect Bloom. I wrote and recorded the song Illumina, from the CD GOD, which charted the Top 40. I was also featured as an Indie artist in the April 2001 CCM magazine. "

"When I began writing songs for my new CD 40 Days Prodigal I took a close look over the places my life had taken me. I spent time with the Lord to understand my place in this world as a husband, father and musician. It allowed me to take a look at the depth of my relationship with God and caused me to create songs like Beautiful Savior and You Are Mighty, which are songs of adoration and worship. The theme song 40 Days Prodigal is a very real song from my own personal relationship with Jesus. It's the modern day prodigal son story. Other songs came from deep times of worship and questions that have been asked of me by fans.

Michael has known what it is like to share his faith in Christ before many. From coffee houses to school auditoriums he performs from his heart and shares his songs with anyone willing to receive from his music. Michael truly believes that God has a great plan for everyone. Jer 29:11-12.


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