MC sHellShoCk!

MC sHellShoCk!

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sHellShoCk! is a truly original MC with awesome stage presence. A former Super Bowl Dancer, she blends the performance of Hip-Hop dance and cirkus influence with her wicked flow and sex-kitten songs. Triple Threat Producer / Dancer / Artist Representing New Orleans!


MC sHellShoCk! sounds like the future. She takes sonic zeroes and ones and shuffles and flips them like a deck of cards handled by a cirkus magician. MC sHellShock! feels the broken heart of New Orleans, her native city, her muse, and tries to cheer it up by being the character it created. Lyric: “It’s a demolition disco lit by blue and red strobe”.

MC sHellShoCk! is a bit of an anomaly, being an electronic artist in an American city that is more like a third world country. There is little support for her genre, and she probably should move somewhere else, but at this point she just can’t.

MC sHellShoCk! has freestyled alongside DJ BeatGrrl all over New Orleans, including the infamous State Palace Theater Raves. She is an original NoizeFest artist, has played at Voo Doo Music Fest in 2006 and 2007, and has opened for TV ON THE RADIO, MC CHRIS, OF MONTREAL, and more as a guest of WHITE BITCH. At Voo Doo 2007, in addition to her scheduled performance, she surprised audiences by freestyling and breakdancing with the Zoo Krewe as part of an electronic second line parade led by a silver bull “techno cart” whose horns blew smoke.

MC sHellShoCk! has toured the West Coast with S.P.A.Z. which stands for Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone. S.P.A.Z. is an eco-friendly anarchist organization that started out providing free techno parties on travelling soundsystems in Europe. They have done community work in Houma and New Orleans aiding rebuilding after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. MC sHellShoCk! helped to build a tour bus from the shell of an old coach, which was then run on veggie oil acquired on the road from restaurant dumpsters. Lyric: “Burnin’ french fry fumes and the erl of legumes, Rockin’ parties free from our mobile bedrooms”. Another lyric: “It was a coach bus, a rusted out husk, I insulated it with adhesed three ply foam and it looks seventies on the ceiling at least we won’t bake, when we wake up too late I like the fake, flowers, in the BONDO and the way we took our showers in the sun it was a condo on the run you gotta be creative, fun can be so meditative...”

Have you ever been sHellShoCked?



Written By: Shelley Pellegrin

I'm rockin' Deviated Septum from an urban dance accident, I partied in the desert and I met Miss Fortunate so call me Miss Adventure, I wanna be indentured servant to this girl her fashion rocks my world,

lives south of L.A. near a boy who said, "Hey, you should move out with me right next to the sea I got no prospects for money, but we'll have sex, honey" I said, "Hey", back, it's a fact you're very talented, I see your myspace pictures of the paint you throw around like it's just sex -

no commitments yet, I hear you,

text me all day, I'll put it on vibrate, and sit on it and squiggle it like we were inky penpals, writing to each other, more graphic than the law allows,

3 a.m. - not ready to throw in the towels, I know that you like to hear me blending vowels, so I'm spending time at home, makin' rhymes so I can roam - 'round the country, or 'round the room, burnin' french fry fumes and the erl of legumes.

Rockin' parties free from our mobile bedrooms. No, I haven't made the scene 'cuz I'm countin' every bean, when I went on tour with S.P.A.Z. we built our own machine, it was a coach bus, a rusted out husk, I insulated it with adhesed 3-ply foam and it looks seventies on the ceiling at least we won't bake -

when we wake up too late, I like the fake - flowers - in the BOND-O and the way we took our showers in the sun it was a condo on the run you gotta be creative, fun can be so meditative, rappelling down a mountainside, Splash! Mister Michael's Class - Hey Hey Hey they got my autograph -

To a phonograph you listenin' this picture disc is glistenin' . Thank you Scream Club I like the way they ride the beat, it's like - so neat! When I saw them on the street, I dropped flowers at their feet from a food bank in Seattle in the summer heat I had to eat quickly,

and drink up from that fountain in Olympia -yuh - where Onyx rocked the phonics at the Mutant Fest - held her pants up to the front and the rest was undressed - she rolled hyhpy - yeah you know me, and said, "We're totally wearing pants in the moonlight Oh can't you see?"

We laughed our faces off in Gifford Pinchot, an autonomous forest fest is how we rolled. Under volcanic debris, the Shelley - Shock rocked a homemade drum machine by Rab in Austin he's so mean - i mean dope in the sense - like a velvet rope around his brain - a year to make this and maintain - a frequency generator from an Altoids box - infectious beats that make you need to detox - I want cox in sox and a switchboard operator vox box - Modulations of love.


CRUNKS NOT DEAD 7" Picture Disc Comp featuring Scream Club, Jenna Riot, Joey Casio, Piper Mckenzie, The Nuclear Family, Heidi Mortenson, MC Shellshock!, Anne, Huh-Uh

featuring Scream CLub, MC ShellShock! Team Gina, Jenna RIot, Derel Prest, Mirah, Joey Casio, Ernest Gonzales, Terry Radshaw, and more..

SOUTHERN SEXUAL "In a Failing Third World Nation". MC ShellShock! is featured on the track, "Swing Club"

She is currently mastering her debut CD entitled, "WTF?"

Her song "Katrina Tattoo" will be featured on the forthcoming album "The White Bitch's Prey Drive".

Set List

Typically, my sets are 20-40 minutes, depending on the event. If I have access to acro-balance artists, the set will begin with mixed beats and some interesting choreography.

Lately i have been doing more of a laptop dj set which incorporates my original songs, which i flow live. If the energy is right, I'll freestyle at the end. I prefer to have a DJ play my beats so that I can give more of a performance.