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Whadda ya get when you collide one of the underground's more bizarre rappers with one of its more unusual instrumentalists/conceptualists? 26 minutes of twisted analog electro rap straight outta New Orleans Ninth Ward.


MC Trachiotomy, the pseudonym for former Crash Worship trombone/vocalist and New Orleans Ninth Ward superstar Pavlo J Poggi, took both the indie rock and hip-hop worlds by surprise with his shocking 1999 debut, Robot Alien or Ghost. While, not as out of the ordinary in today’s increasingly experimental world of underground hip-hop, Robot Alien or Ghost, with its murky moonscape of abstract atonal lo-fi alien beats and cryptic indecipherable rhymes, confounded critics and listeners when it arrived. Though no one could decide whether or not it was a work of ultimate genius or sonic terrorism, all agreed that it was bizarre.

2002’s w/ Love From Tahiti, on Bulb Records, exhibits a more listenable, and even more diverse and ambitious Trachiotomy with all of the creative aspects of his debut. Italian philosopher Pierre Scaruffi, in his History of Rock Music, best describes the album as defining “a territory straddling rap, spoken-word, psychedelic rambling, Captain Beefheart-ian wackiness, lo-fi pop and the Residents' new-wave… The album is the musical equivalent of a hurricane, sweeping away swamp blues, free-form jamming, reggae balladry, hip hop, etc. The comedian indulges in spoofs of spy-thriller cocktail muzak, 1940s' big-band swing, Broadway show tunes, and soft-night-jazz.” Summing up the first two records: “The creative intensity of these albums is simply frightening.”

Even more frightening are the golems Trachiotomy’s been working on in the meantime. After taking a few years out to formulate a new sound, touring everywhere including the Caribbean, Central America, Australia, Eastern Europe, even as far as Crete, not to mention the well covered areas of the US and Canada, MC Trachiotomy is finally ready to unveil three completed albums. Two of these are from his collaboration are with Quintron, and one from his collaboration with Seni’or el Tonios.

The first installment, a Quintron collaboration, is a vinyl EP entitled ROWDY LIFE, that is out now “FRESH“ on New York Night Train Recordings. Soon to be followed by a full-length release-RATSLIVEONNOEVILSTAR. The release features Trachiotomy’s well-honed flow, Quintron, a cast of cameos, as well as astounding analog electronic sounds - with Q’s Drum Buddy as the star instrument, and DL Parkers savvy mastering skills. The twisted result, which is beyond description, and is guaranteed to scramble even the most stable of minds, is a warped, raw, noisy, and danceable gateway into the fifth dimension…


MC Trachiotomy featuring Quintron, Ratsliveonevilstar CD LP (New York Night Train, 2006)
MC Trachiotomy featuring Quintron, Rowdy Life 12" EP (New York Night Train, 2006)
MC Trachiotomy, With Love From Tahiti CD LP (Bulb, 2002)
MC Trachiotomy, Robot Alien or Ghost (Anal Log 1999)