M. Daniel Schteingart
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M. Daniel Schteingart

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Compilation CD Press Release"

Songsalive! president and artist, Gilli Moon (http://www.gillimoon.com) officially launched the Songsalive! CD Sampler 7 at SXSW in Austin Texas this past March 05.

A unique way to pitch, license or get radio airplay of new music worldwide, Songsalive, the non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting songwriters worldwide, releases one Sampler a year and also offers a network of opportunities for songwriters to get their music out to the world. This Sampler is heard by a huge network of music industry people waiting for "that next hit song" including large network of music supervisors, publishers, record company A&R reps, producers, music festivals, trade shows, managers, radio stations and artists around the world by direct and personal contact, and through the world's largest music conventions.

The seventh in the Sampler Series, The Songsalive! CD sampler features songwriter members from around the globe, including Great Britain, Australia, The U.S.A and Canada. The Songsalive CD Sampler 7 exhibits at SXSW Austin Texas throughout March 16-20, various European festivals in June, the Independent Music Conference, Philadelphia in September, and Australian music conferences towards end 05. Chosen artists include AJ Rosales, Clay Cabe, Ben Makinen, David Gaffney Suddenly, Duff, Frank Klaassen, Jason Snider, Justin Connor, Kim DiVincenzo, Leslie Berry, Lily Wilson, M. Daniel Schteingart, The Welcome Matt, Javelyn, Prisca Scheele, Gary Richards, Teddi Jutsen, Tim Miller, Tom Stauffer, Chris Valenti, Al Polito and Tracy Stark

We invite radio stations to play the sampler and promote original new music. email us if interested for a free copy.
- songsalive.org

"Interview with M. Daniel Schteingart"

Interview with Songsalive!
SA: Where are you from, originally and what brought you to New York
M.D.S: I’m originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I went to USC, so I lived in Los Angeles for four years, and then headed North to Alaska for about a year and a half to write and work. I then moved to New York about ten years ago to pursue various aspects of a career in entertainment from songwriting to television production and photography. I also recently got married!

S.A: What style of music would you say you do?

M.D.S: I would say my music is either Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk with some Country, or Rock! Sorry I can’t narrow it down, but there are so many elements to all that I love, and incorporate in my music!

S.A: What do you enjoy best - songwriting or performing and why?

M.D.S: I like recording best, writing second, and performing third. I love the creative musical process and the combination of planning and surprise that can happen in a studio.

S.A: Who are your musicial influences?

M.D.S: I am greatly influenced by classical composers - like Bach and Mahler. I love how Bach’s music has such a symmetry and inherent peace. Also, since I grew up in the midwest, I’m very influenced by Classic Rock - Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Hendrix, and Folk-Rock like Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and Peter, Paul and Mary. And, although I rarely admit it, I did have a few years in Junior High School where I loved Heavy Metal - Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Metallica, Van Halen.

S.A: Describe your favorite song you have written and why is it so special to you?

M.D.S: Different songs have framed different periods in my life. I am fond of "Racing the Sun", which I wrote on a plane about ten years ago. I am also particular to my most recent composition- which is on the latest Songsalive CD Sampler 7- "A Girl Becomes a Wife". Having just gotten married, and dedicating it to my wife, I would say that one especially "strikes a chord" with me.

S.A: What are your goals for the next 5 years musically speaking?

M.D.S: In the next 5 years, I would like to have several more songs cut, and continue to write and record. Also continuing film and TV work.

S.A: Tell us about your recordings and what's in store next.

M.D.S: I am constantly writing and recording at a studio here in New York City. I am shopping songs, while writing and recording new ones.

S.A: Where can we buy your music?

M.D.S: Please visit www.schteingart.com and ask!

S.A: What are your views about where the music industry is heading in your community, or on a global level?

M.D.S: I have been to many industry events discussing the dangers of music piracy and music on the web, but I think it can be a very advantageous aspect of the age in which we live-especially for songwriters. I think that there are a lot of genres now, and still many opportunities for hybrids. I would really love to see modern music and more popular genres create a greater link with classical music. I think that younger audiences could really benefit from a greater education in, and exposure to classical music

S.A: Anything pertinent you'd like to say about Songsalive!

M.D.S: I really like Songsalive! It’s a great avenue for communicating with other songwriters, keeping in touch with the community, and getting your songs heard.
- songsalive.org


Racing The Sun, A Girl Becomes a Wife, Jesse, Keely's Song, Sharing, Fate of the 8, Midnight Sun



M. Daniel Schteingart's work as a composer and songwriter has yielded praise from industry professionals for several years. He was recently named a Suggested Artist by "Song of the Year", and his work "Keely's Song" was a finalist in last year's John Lennon Songwriting Contest. His songs are "poignant, colorful, and written with powerful emotion and harmony". He combines the academia of music theory and composition learned at the Juilliard school with raw instinct and a rich sound, and has played at venues from New York to Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Schteingart received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California in 1994. Living in Alaska until late 1995, Dan's simultaneous work in music at two of the largest radio stations in Anchorage and as a photographer, capturing such Alaskan moments on film as wildlife, glaciers, and northern sunsets forged a warm and respected relationship with the public.

Dan moved to New York in 1996 working as a Composer, Photographer and Television Producer. He produced for HBO's on-air promotion department for several years, as well as for the PBS Music series "Great Performances", working with many high profile musicians and orchestras.

He currently resides with his wife and son in New York City.