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Album currently in the works.

With 2 new tracks "Just Doing My Thang" being aired on local college station Pure Sound 88.3 Fridays 1pm-3pm and streamed on their internet station and "I Got It Like That" being aired on Clear Channel's New! internet station.



Name: Marcus Antoine Hunt

Artist Name: HunT or M-DoT HunT

Age: 29

Music Affliation: Artist, Songwriter and Producer

Contact Info: 479-713-0592

E-mail: mdothunt@yahoo.com

Born Marcus Antoine Hunt Oct. 5 1979 in Natchez, Mississippi I grew up in classic country enviroment. Adpoted and raised by my granparents I would listen to Blues and Gospel every Saturday and Sunday while exposure to Hip Hop was very limited. Mostly listening to and watching music on Vh1 Pop; Country and Rock. It was not until the summer when my older cousins would visit that Rap and R&B were listened too. At the age of 10 one of my cousins took notice to how well I would memorize the songs and sing them as if I was performing. My cousin Lamar ask me to write a poems based on songs we were listening too. After reading several of my writings he would bring me cassettes of all the music he had and would tell me to write to them. From there we started writing together and reading each other's work. Impressed by my talent he started battling me and motivating me to be more aggressive and form short stories. Mostly influenced by West Coast artist such as Ice T, Ice Cube, Spice 1, Tupac, Mc Eiht, CMW, Mc Ren, D.O.C. and others I began to write geared more toward Gangsta Rap. Later it was East Coast artist such as Big Daddy Kane, Eric B. and Rakim, Public Enemy, Run Dmc, Slick Rick and others that influenced me to create stories about my life and surroundings. Unlike the West Coast rap I listened too, this influenc help me develope a since of direction for adding different elements to certain songs. By the age of 13 I would battle with Lamar, all his friends, anyone older than myself and my classmates earning a name for myself as being able to rap. Due to several incidents at school I was ordered by Franklin County Youth Court to move to Kenner, Louisiana to live with my mother. There I was exposed to a new form of Rap/Hip Hop known as Bounce. It brought fun to the music, a new form of beats and still was gangsta rap. Listening to Bounce music encouraged me to startmaking beats. Years later I found myself listening to a new East Coast artist I once disliked. After hearing his album I became a big fan and he became my biggest musical influence. His name was Earl Simmons aka DMX. Returning to my home town Roxie I hooked up with an old school friend Quincy O'Quin, his older brother Atlay O'Quin and his cousin Johnny Moore to form a group known as BTC aka Da B-Town Clique. That was when I first recorded in a studio. More focused on making beats I got a Radio Shack Keyboard. When I took my first couple of beats to the studio to record the owner was stunned that I made the beats on a Radio Shack Keyboard so I brought it to the studio one day, made a beat for him and impressed him greatly. It was during this time that I met David Banner at a concert he was doing in Brookhaven, MS. Later that year I submitted a demo of our song to Cash Money Records after a chance meeting with Brian (Baby) Williams. Traveling from Jackson, MS to Kenner, LA I came back in contact with David Banner when he released his underground album Them Firewater Boys. 2 years later I went to Cash Money Records office in St. Rose, LA and was asked to come back twice by some of the employees who wanted to set up an audition but due to very personal issues I could not make the auditions. Steadily trying to progress my style I focus on doing my own music and began learning to record myself. Through this process I met many local producers ILL Gaimez and Ace Wonder of MF'N Entertainment and record labels No Mursy Records. I later submitted a demo to Kings Entertainment and was offer several mixtape slots by CEO Big Slack on a mixtape by DJ 50 Grand to do songs which featured B.G., Soulja Slim, Big Slack and several other local artist. After Hurricane Katrina I resumed recording myself and took notice to the many different styles I had developed over the years. Now using Friuty Loops (Producer Edition) to make beats I decided to work on myself as an artist. Using the internet site AR1music.com I did an online submission to an AR for Bad Boy Records. Impressed he recommended I work on my delivery and enuciation and wanted me to sumbit another demo to the company. Which I never did due to my laptop being damaged and I could not retrieve his instructions and information. Highly motivated by this I once again opened myself up to all types of music. Putting my heart, soul and passion into my music I took notice to a unique characteristic of mine. I never held the same tone in my voice on my songs. Many people who hear my music would be amazed at how different the backgrounds and chrous would sound from my verses. Leading them to believe there were several different people on the track. Amazed their response would be impressed, suprised and overwhelmed by my muiscal talent. Now more focused than ever to be a great musical artist I work constantly on giving my fans