Portland, Oregon, USA

Original American 80's Hardcore Punk Rock


Early years

Formed in 1979 as The Stains and playing their first gig under this name in April 1980, MDC were one of three pioneering hardcore punk bands in Austin, Texas, in the early '80s, alongside The Dicks and Big Boys. These bands frequently played together and established the Austin hardcore scene. They released one single as the Stains in 1981, featuring a slower version of the future MDC song "John Wayne Was a Nazi" backed with "Born to Die". Both songs were later released on the debut MDC album.

[edit] 1980s

By 1982 the band had relocated to San Francisco, California, and renamed themselves MDC. By this point the band were active participants in the growing hardcore scene and released their debut LP Millions of Dead Cops on their own label, R Radical; Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles helped with distribution. The album is now widely considered a punk classic, and features songs such as "John Wayne Was a Nazi", "Dick for Brains", and the harsh criticism of the police, "I Remember". Other targets of criticism devoid of irony included capitalism ("Corporate Death Burger"), homophobia ("America's So Straight"),[1] and American culture ("Violent Rednecks").

During the summer of 1982 they became involved in the Rock Against Reagan Tour, during which time they fell out with the band Bad Brains when Rastafarian singer H.R. learned that Big Boys' singer , Randy Turner, was homosexual. H.R. and MDC's Dave Dictor had an intense confrontation. Upon Bad Brains' departure from the bill, they refused to return a loan owed to Big Boys and instead left a note that reportedly read, "burn in hell bloodclot faggot."[2] The indcident resulted in the MDC song Pay to Come Along.[3] For MDC, 1982 ended with a tour of Europe with the Dead Kennedys which brought the band greater exposure in the punk scene outside of the U.S., especially in the UK.

Their involvement in the Rock Against Reagan activities continued through 1983 and they returned to recording with the EP "Multi-Death Corporations" which was distributed in the UK by British anarcho-punk label Crass Records and R Radical in the U.S. The EP broke new ground by addressing, in the lengthy liner notes and artwork, the growth of corporations and the violent suppression of Communism in Central America. In 1984 they released another EP, Millions of Dead Children (also known as Chicken Squawk), this time dealing with Vegetarian and Vegan issues via a cowpunk tune.

Smoke Signals was released in 1986, their second album featuring a more diverse style than previously, with a foray into '70s rock with the song "South Africa Is Free". This album also saw Gordon Fraser's first appearance as main guitarist. Their third album, This Blood's for You, followed in 1987 and saw them returning to a more orthodox hardcore punk style with themes again including intervention in Central America and criticism of the Reagan Administration. MDC toured Europe in 1988, where the live album Elvis - In the Rhineland was recorded. The band released the album Metal Devil Cokes in 1989.

[edit] 1990s

The 1990s opened with a number of lineup changes, swiftly followed by the 1991 album Hey Cop! If I Had a Face Like Yours..., featuring Bill Collins on guitar and Matt Freeman (of Operation Ivy) on bass. The acclaimed Shades of Brown album appeared in 1993, released by New Red Archives in the U.S. and We Bite in Europe. The album featured the Hip-Hop vegetarian song "Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets". The band, now with guitarist Chris Wilder and bassist Erica Liss, marked the album with a tour of the former Soviet Union, making MDC the first American punk band to tour Russia. This was followed by two more European tours and several U.S. tours until 1995, where began a lull in the band's activity. The lack of new recorded material (other than a 7-inch release on Slap-a-Ham Records) and live performances after 1994, plus personal problems of band members, pointed to an informal break-up of the band.

[edit] 2000s

MDC's singer, Dave Dictor, returned with an entirely new backing line-up in 2000, and MDC released a new album, Magnus Dominus Corpus, in 2004. They took part in a 25th anniversary world tour in 2005, with an all-original lineup. Following the death of Mikey Donaldson in September 2007, MDC has been touring the U.S. and Europe extensively with the Dictor/Posner/Smith/Schvitz lineup.

Recently, the band has been based in Portland, Oregon.


Patriot Asshole

Written By: MDC

Patriot Asshole

Money hungry power junkie.

America flag decal .... So old

Pick up truck ...............Lock and load

Like some sheep ......Do as your told

Loser Creep ...............Asshole

Patriot USA Patriot You Asshole

Get ready to die...... some loser war

Ultimate sacrifice ........for a demogogue bore

Listen to solemn..........big mouth blather

Those pieces of shit ...don't matter

Hear you preach.......Not bold

Such a sneach..........Hear you scold

Rally the flag ............Know the mold

Self-rightious creep... Asshole

Patriot USA Patriot You Asshole

A stupid wank Chicken hawk

Talk big ...............Not the walk

Talk about freedom How it ain't free

Salute a garbage can....For me.

Money hungry power junkie stupid fucking asshole.

Hate monger so fucking cold same ol bullshit asshole.

Big mouth fucking bought and sold so sick of your lying asshole.

That's what I said, you know it's true ...uptight fucking asshole.

Donut eating, piggy squealing patriotic asshole.

Commie hating, fag bashing homo phobic asshole.

Woman hating , ruphie spiking , date rape fucking asshole.


Written By: MDC


The Age Of Pollution

Dreams into nightmares

Explain away the tears

As we watch it all slowly die

Drink the putrid water

Give it to our sons and daughters

Til the end we wonder why


Why can't we have a solution

Where is the resolution

What will be the conclusion

In this age of pollution

Chemical plants spewing

Lies that are skewing

The reality of what is going on

A toxic corporate garbage can

Forget what sanity demands

What will be done when it comes undone

Why can't we have a solution

Where is the resolution

What will be the conclusion

In this age of pollution

Our hearts grow hollow

It's getting harder to swallow

There is nowhere to run

Words are sounding shallow

Like cancer into our boe marrow

To our heads they hold a gun


music .......slow break

Something is really wrong

Something here don't belong

I can feel this so deep inside

How can we be strong

Extinction can't be far along

From all this no one can hide ( we can't hide)

Maryjane for President

Written By: MDC

Give the land back to the Indians. Open up the borders. No more fucking vivisection and free the marijuana. Time for dirty tricks by the hit men so slick. It's How they get their kicks. They're gonna pull a switch. Brought to you by budweiser. Still drinking bud but none the wiser. Some more hanging chads. Looks like we're being had. When lies that are protected. Free speech is suspected. It's all bought by the man that's got the gold. Don't Forget to vote. Don't waste the hemp on rope. The whole thing's a fucking joke. So give me another toke. Republicans so fucking cold. Hilary is finished we are told. Obama's words so bold. McCain looking rather old. Is the fix in? Does it matter so will win? Pastors tell the sheep. It's the flock that's asleep. Beware homosexuals, punk rockers, and freaks. Smoke marijuana. You know you that you wanna. Don't forget to vote. Don't waste the hemp on rope. The whole thing's a fucking joke. So give me another toke. Get over to the voting line. That's how they play our mind. Minutes to closing time. It's really just legal crime. what's the fucking point who they choose to anoint. I'd rather smoke a joint tonight. Marijuana


The Stains - John Wayne was a Nazi / Born to Die
MDC - Millions of Dead Cops
More Dead Cops
Multi Death Corporation
Millions of Dead Children
Smoke signals
This Bloods for you
Elvis in the Rhineland (live)
Metal Devil Cokes
Hey Cop! If I had a face like yours
Millions of Damn Christians
Shades of Brown
No More Then Ever
Magnus Dominus Corpus
MDC Unplugged / John the Baker Split
MDC Unplugged / Riot Cop Split
MDC Unplugged - Zombie Love Split
The Solid EP
The Human EP
Mobocracy Split w/ the Restarts

Set List

1. Millions of Dead Cops
2. No More Cops
3. Corporate Death Burger
4. Dick for Brains
5. My Family
6. Destroying the Planet
7. Going Nowhere Fast
8. Founding Fathers
9. Greedy and Pathetic
10. Church and State
11. Kill the Light
12. American Achievements l-ll
13. Poseur Punk
14. Let's Kill All the Cops
15. Nazis Shouldn't Drive
16. Moneypile
17. Chicken Squawk
18. Violent Rednecks
19. I Remember
20. John Wayne was a Nazi
21. Time Out
22. Multi-Death Corporation
23. Radioactive Chocolate
24. No Place to Piss
25. Business is on Parade
26. Dead Cops l-ll
27. America's So Straight
28. Born to Die
29. I hate work
30. Zombie Love
31. Mary Jane for President
32. Patriot Asshole
33. Pollution
34. Doom
35.San Quentin

Set Time - 1 hour - 1 hour 15min